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Animating Symbols in Adobe Flash Professional CC (2014 release)
Sep 29, 2014
In this excerpt from Adobe Flash Professional CC Classroom in a Book (2014 release), learn how to use Flash Professional to change almost any aspect of an object—position, color, transparency, size, rotation, and more—over time. Motion tweening is the basic technique of creating animation with symbol instances.
Animation with Scripting for Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Studio Techniques: Character Animation
Sep 30, 2010
Optimization and efficiency are key elements for a web project that needs to load quickly and play smoothly. Chris Georgenes and Just Putney explain how to animate characters in Adobe Flash Professional CS5.
Applying Transitions and Actions in Flash Catalyst CS5
Dec 8, 2010
Create Flash objects in Catalyst that literally hop, skip, and jump to liven up your website. And do it without Flash! David Karlins, author of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques, takes you through the Catalyst techniques that make this miracle possible.
Authoring Flash MX Web Pages
Jan 3, 2003
This lesson teaches web-building at the page level, marking up a page and making use of different elements, including hyperlinks, style sheets, images, and templates.
Build a Dynamic App Step-by-Step in Dreamweaver 8
Aug 4, 2006
By the end of this lesson, you’ll have an idea of how dynamic sites work, and what they are created to do; you’ll have Macromedia Dreamweaver configured to work with dynamic data; and you’ll have created your first page that uses dynamic content.
Building a Flash Message Board System
Jan 24, 2003
This sample chapter shows you how message boards can be deployed using Flash MX and a backend server-side system to great effect.
Building a Flash Video Simulation
Jan 17, 2003
This sample chapter discusses creating rich learning media in Macromedia Flash MX.
Building a Sound Mixer in Flash
Jan 1, 2002
by Allan Kennedy, co-author of Macromedia Flash: Super Samurai
Building A Tabbed Interface
Sep 2, 2001
Build your own tabbed interface in Flash. David Emberton shows you how in a few easy steps.
Building Adobe WorkflowLab, Part 5: Designing WorkflowLab
Dec 1, 2010
Continuing their series on the design and creation of WorkflowLab, Aaron Pedersen, James Polanco, and Doug Winnie, the authors of Adobe Flash Platform from Start to Finish: Working Collaboratively Using Adobe Creative Suite 5, discuss the final UI design process used to create the design comps and assets required to complete the project.
Building Complexity in Flash MX
Jun 7, 2002
This sample chapter describes approaches to building complex animations through layering, combining, and extending basic Flash capabilities.
Collision Detection with Flash MX
Apr 11, 2003
Collision detection is all about detecting objects and boundaries on the stage. Matthew David illustrates how to use collision detection in an arcade-style game.
Complex Flash MX Graphics on a Single Layer
Jun 21, 2002
To work effectively with complex graphics, you need to understand how Flash shapes interact when they are on the same layer or on different layers. In this chapter, you learn how to work with multiple shapes on one layer.
Controlling Flash Audio Volume with Sound Objects
Apr 21, 2006
If you work with audio in Flash, you know that attaching audio to a keyframe is an easy way to incorporate sounds into your movies. But what if you need to control sound dynamically at runtime to change its volume, pan from left to right, or determine how long it has been playing? James Gonzalez shows you how to create a Sound object that can be manipulated and controlled in a whole host of ways, giving you a much greater degree of control and flexibility with the audio assets of your Flash projects.
Controlling Movie Clip Properties with ActionScript 3.0
Sep 23, 2008
By using ActionScript in addition to or instead of the Flash interface, you can create many more interactive possibilities in your Flash projects. The Adobe Creative Team shows how easy it is to use ActionScript to control the properties of a movie clip.
Controlling the Movie Clip in Flash
May 18, 2001
Learn how to customize your pointer, eliminate flickering graphics, and animate with ActionScript.
Create a Banner in Flash 8
Nov 23, 2005
In part one of this tutorial, you learned how to create the basic layout of a banner ad. In this part, you will learn to create symbols, animation, and even write some simple ActionScript to make the banner function in this continuation tutorial.
Create a Sound Mixing Toy with Flash MX 2004
Apr 2, 2004
Aria Danika shares her fascination with sound toys and generative music and shows you how to build an interactive sound mixing toy with Flash MX 2004.
Create Custom Media Player Controls in Flash Catalyst CS5
Nov 15, 2010
David Karlins, author of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques, demonstrates an easy way to create video player controls, without the need for Flash or scripting of any kind. You can adapt the simple shapes available in Flash Catalyst, providing them with the power of interaction to make them serve as play, pause, and stop player buttons.
Create Text-Based Links in Dreamweaver 8
Aug 11, 2006
In this lesson, you’ll develop the initial framework of the site structure by developing placeholders for the pages in the Yoga Sangha project site. You’ll link these pages together using Dreamweaver’s visual site-mapping tools to create a working test site. Creating this kind of framework through pages and links in a bare but functional version of the site can help you test the navigation that you have developed. Testing the proposed site structure before creating the design will help you catch fundamental problems at the beginning of development, enabling you to address them more efficiently.

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