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Add Style and Text to Your Flash Web Site
Sep 16, 2005
Making your first Flash Web site? Author David Morris shows you just what you need to know to add and style text using full-color illustrations so you can follow along with the step-by-step instructions easily. Read on to learn how to add a single line of text, create fixed-width text, change a text box, add an e-mail link, and add graphic text. Perfect for beginners!
10 Minutes with Flash: SWF-to-SWF Communication
Dec 17, 2004
In the world of complicated web applications, there's often a need to communicate between multiple SWF files and to transfer data from one to another. In only 10 minutes, Robert Hoekman, Jr. gets you headed in the right direction with SWF-to-SWF communication.
10 Minutes with Flash: Creating a Custom Panel
Jul 23, 2004
In only 10 minutes, Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how to create a custom panel that pulls up Flash tutorials faster than you can say "Resources."
10 Minutes with Flash: Writing Custom Behaviors
Jul 9, 2004
Don't you wish Flash MX 2004 came with more built-in behaviors? In only 10 minutes or less, Robert Hoekman, Jr. helps you create your own behaviors and save yourself lots of grief.
10 Minutes with Flash: Creating a Loader Component for Flash Player 7
Jun 25, 2004
Don't like writing the same script more than once? In just 10 minutes, Robert Hoekman, Jr. will show you how to turn a pre-loader script into a reusable component.
10 Minutes with Flash: Quick Tricks, Part 2
Jun 11, 2004
Didn't get enough tips and tricks in the last "10 Minutes with Flash" article? Fret not. Robert Hoekman, Jr. has a few other tricks in his arsenal, and each can help you work more efficiently and make you a happier Flash geek.
10 Minutes with Flash: Quick Tricks
May 28, 2004
10 Minutes with Flash: Streaming Video with Flash MX 2004 Professional
May 13, 2004
Robert Hoekman shows you how to use the media display component included within Flash MX 2004 Professional. This component allows you to enable your video to play external Flash Video (FLV) files without having to do any Actionscript coding. Using this component, the external videos will actually stream to your users.
10 Minutes with Flash: Graphics Tablets and Flash MX 2004
Apr 23, 2004
Step away from that mouse right now! In 10 minutes, Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how to make the best use of your graphics tablet while working with Flash.
10 Minutes with Flash: Custom, Portable Color Palettes
Apr 9, 2004
Want to get rid of that pesky Web 216-color palette that Flash uses by default? Spend 10 minutes with Robert Hoekman, Jr. to learn how to replace it with your own custom color palette that can be reused in other projects.
Designing and Scoring a Pac-Man Style Maze Game with Flash
Apr 9, 2004
No Editor
Create a Sound Mixing Toy with Flash MX 2004
Apr 2, 2004
Aria Danika shares her fascination with sound toys and generative music and shows you how to build an interactive sound mixing toy with Flash MX 2004.
10 Minutes with Flash: Collision Detection for Flash Games
Mar 26, 2004
Spend 10 minutes with Robert Hoekman, Jr. to learn how to create collision detection for a Flash game.
10 Minutes with Flash: Using LoadVars to Send Form Data
Mar 12, 2004
In the latest installment of his 10 Minutes with Flash series, Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how to package up form data and send it to the server.
10 Minutes with Flash: ActionScript You'll Never Have to Write Again
Feb 6, 2004
Robert Hoekman, Jr. is just as tired of writing code as you are, so he offers up some timely tips on storing ActionScript and loading it on-the-fly in this fourth installment of "10 Minutes with Flash."
10 Minutes with Flash: The World According to Shared Libraries
Jan 9, 2004
In 10 minutes or less, Robert Hoekman, Jr. can show you how to share assets between movies during development or on the fly.
Planning a Dynamic Site with Macromedia Studio MX 2004
Jan 9, 2004
Planning a dynamic site is hard work. Project Scope documents, creative briefs, technical briefs... Thankfully this sample chapter helps pull it all together.
10 Minutes with Flash: Repeating History through Commands
Dec 23, 2003
Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how reliving the past with History and Commands can help you automate your life.
ActionScript 2.0: A Real Programming Language
Dec 19, 2003
Matthew David illustrates how ActionScript 2.0, the new name for the new version of ActionScript, improves significantly over its predecessor.
Designing for Flash MX 2004
Dec 12, 2003
Matthew David shows you how Flash MX 2004 offers stronger and more flexible tools to create the most interesting and creative Web sites.

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