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Ted Padova

It takes more than great software to make great artwork. It also requires a talented artist. In this book, you'll see how some of the world's most successful commercial artists use Adobe Illustrator, their personal style, and good business sense to create artwork that shows up in such high-profile places as murals for the Winter Olympics, children's books, UNICEF greeting cards, and the entire surface of the Microsoft Discovery Bus.

The interviews in this book take you inside the studios and the minds of 15 master artists. They talk about how to get work done, what inspires them, what they do when they're stuck, and the career path that led them to where they are today. Each artist also takes you step by step through a specific piece of art, passing along practical tips and techniques. Simply thumbing through the pages of this beautifully illustrated book is inspiring. Each artist has included a gallery full of his or her best work, which ranges widely, from maps, dishes, magazine illustrations, and T-shirts to animation and billboards.