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William B. Sanders

Dr. William B. Sanders is a professor in the Interactive Information Technology program at the University of Hartford. The program is designed to develop students who will work in collaborative environments using the Internet and the World Wide Web and develop digital communicative technologies. Bill has written more than 35 computer-related books, with the goal of translating technology to a wide interest base. To mangle a phrase from Will Rogers, he never met a computer or computer language that he didn't like.

Like the revolution spawned by personal computers, the Internet and the World Wide Web have spawned another. The new languages and applications required to master and effectively use Internet technologies have been a focal interest of Bill's since the web's inception. He has been focused on languages such as JavaScript, PHP, ASP, XML, ActionScript, MySQL, and a host of other web-based programs and applications. However, instead of looking at the new technologies solely as a cool way to make things happen on the web, Bill has been involved with different aspects of e-business and e-commerce, bridging the digital divide in communities and generally looking at ways in which the Internet and the web serve as a lively linkage between people and their aspirations.

As a source of information and understanding, the web is unparalleled, but it is also an arena to explore new art forms and ways of human expression. Bill has sought out design concepts from Edward Tufte's work on information, Hillman Curtis's work on motion design, and David Siegel's work on third-generation web sites. For Bill, each new development in creativity, technology, and communication is an opportunity to see the world in a new light and expand horizons.

His hobbies include travel, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, and life with his wife, Delia.