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Derek Powazek

Derek Powazek has been working the web since there was one. Heß³ watched communities grow while working at HotWired and Electric Minds with virtual community pioneer Howard Rheingold. As Powazek Productions, heß³ created sites with community features for companies like Netscape and Nike. Heß³ been tending the garden at the {fray} for four years, and his work has been honored by I.D. Magazine, Communication Arts Magazine, and Cool Site of the Year. Derekß³ work has been applauded in countless web design books, including Graphis Web Design Now, and Oß’eillyß³ Web Navigation book. Heß³ also been profiled in Wired News, and has spoken about web design and community all over the country. This year in September, hundreds will gather for fray day 4, a real-life gathering of the virtual community.