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Making time for inspiration

As much as I love learning how to do things, I appreciate having reminders that make me stop and think about why I do things, especially when it comes to my photography.

Scott Kelby started a new feature on his blog called "Guest Blog Wednesday," and the first guest to kick things off was Peachpit author Vincent Versace. It is great to be able to step into someone else's head to learn about their process, and see what they saw, and hear about why they clicked the shutter at the moment they did.

Along that same line, you can be inspired and inspire others by participating in The Moment it Clicks Contest. The contest began back in April, so there are already some great stories being shared in the dedicated Flickr group. Be sure to check out the Moment it Clicks video podcasts to hear several Peachpit authors share their stories about the moment it clicked for them. Hope to see your photos and hear your stories!