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Palm Organizers: Visual QuickStart Guide

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Palm Organizers: Visual QuickStart Guide

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  • Copyright 2000
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-201-70063-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-70063-3

Once the exclusive domain of techies and high-powered execs, Palm devices are replacing the paper-bound address and appointment books of regular folks everywhere. If you've made the switch or are considering it, pick up Palm Organizers: Visual QuickStart Guide, a concise guide to the most popular palmtop OS and the multiplicity of devices it runs on.

Palm Organizers: VQS not only covers the basics of working with Palm devices, it also shows you the best techniques for using your palmtop to make your daily life more efficient and organized. For example, the book thoroughly covers the Date Book and gives you strategies for improving your time-management skills. Devices covered in this edition include the Palm V and Palm III families, Palm VII, Handspring's Visor, IBM Workpads, and TRG's TRGPro.

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Table of Contents


1. Palm Basics.

A Rapidly Expanding Field of Palm Devices. Jumping Past the Competition with Handspring's Springboard. Palm Device Overview. Battery Use. Screen Care. Accessorizing. Keyboards. Hardware Upgrades. Palm Desktop.

2. The Palm OS.

Navigating the Palm OS. Accessing Menus. Onscreen Help and Tips. Using the Onscreen Keyboard. Graffiti. Writing Graffiti. The Command Bar. Graffiti Improvement Tips. Palm's Welcoming Committee. Setting General Preferences. Setting the Digitizer Preference. Customizing Buttons. Changing Formats. Editing the Owner Screen. Using ShortCuts. Setting Connection Preferences. Setting Modem Preferences. Setting Network Preferences. Launching Applications. Installing Applications. Other Installation Options. Categorizing Applications. Memory Management. Deleting Applications. Replacing the Applications Application. The Security Application. Beaming Applications.

3. HotSync.

HotSync Overview. ConÞguring HotSync Manager. Setting up Conduits. The Two Faces of HotSync. Local HotSync. Infrared HotSync. Modem HotSync. LANSync/Network HotSync. Viewing the HotSync Log. Multiple HotSync Options. File Link. Working with Archived Records. Creating HotSync ProÞles. Synchronizing with Web-Based Organizers.

4. Date Book.

Setting Preferences and Display Options. Day View. Week View. Month View. Agenda View. Date Book Navigation: Jumping Through Time. Entering and Deleting Date Book Events. “Pencil-in” Events. Editing and Deleting Existing Events. Setting Alarms. Creating Repeating Events. Attaching and Deleting Notes. Performing a Phone Lookup. Marking Events Private. Beaming Events. Purging Old Events. Handspring's Date Book+. Date Book+ Week View with Text View. Date Book+ Year View. Date Book+ List View. Date Book+ Preferences. Entering Date Book+ Events. Date Book+ Floating Events. Date Book+ Journal Entries. Date Book+ Templates. Restoring Archived Events. DateBk4: the Supercharged Date Book. Palm Desktop Special Features. Macintosh Palm Desktop Special Features. Attaching Notes in Mac Palm Desktop.

5. Address Book.

Viewing the Address Book. Changing the Sort Order. Specifying a Preferred Number. Changing the Display Font. Looking Up Contacts. Entering and Deleting Address Records. Duplicating Records. Changing and Editing Phone Field Labels. Renaming the Custom Field Labels. Attaching and Deleting Address Book Notes. Setting up Custom Categories. Marking Contacts as Private. Changing the Security Setting. Beaming Addresses. Importing Contacts into Palm Desktop. Palm Desktop Special Features. Macintosh Palm Desktop Special Features. Using the Instant Palm Desktop Menu.

6. To Do List and Memo Pad.

Viewing Options. Entering To Do Items. Editing To Do Items. Adding and Deleting Notes to Tasks. Purging Records. Creating and Editing Memos. Sorting Memos. Navigating Memos. Categorizing To Do Items and Memos. Changing the Font. Beaming Records. Working in Palm Desktop for Windows. Working in Palm Desktop for Macintosh.

7. Calculator and Expense.

Using the Calculator. Copying and Pasting Calculations. Handspring's Advanced Calculator Mode. Creating Custom Views in the Advanced Calculator. Using Expense. Editing Expense Details. Recording Attendees and Notes. Viewing Options. Specifying Currency. Exporting to Excel.

8. Hacking with HackMaster.

Important HackMaster Notes. Working with HackMaster. Essential Hacks. Palm V & Palm VII Essential Hacks. Noteworthy Hacks.


9. Palm VII & Palm.Net.

Palm VII: A Closer Look. The Palm.Net Network. Palm Query Applications. Email with iMessenger. Recommended PQAs.

10. Email and the Web.

Modem Hardware. Getting Online: Two Approaches. Email via HotSync: Palm Mail. Direct-Dial Email. Direct-Dial Modem and Network Setup. Connecting to Your ISP. Browse the Web via HotSync: AvantGo. Direct-Dial Web Browsing.

11. Pages, Faxes, Newsgroups, Telnet.

Sending Pages. Faxing. Reading Newsgroups. Telnet.

12. Protecting Your Data.

Palm's Built-In Security. Custom Security Options with TealLock. When the Palm OS Security Isn't Necessarily Secure. Palm Desktop Security. Record-Level Security. Storing Secure Account Information.


13. Drawing and Sketching.

Sketching Basics. Exporting and Importing TealPaint Images. Drawing. Importing Images into Your Handheld.

14. Long Texts.

Reading Doc-Formatted Texts. Converting Texts to Doc Format. Reading Books with Peanut Reader. Using Documents To Go. Viewing HTML Documents with iSilo.

15. Managing Your Time.

Track Your Time. Use a Tracking Program. Review Your Tracks. Fine Tune Your Time Management. Build Your Time Management Skills. Linking Records with DateBk4 and Actioneer.

16. Managing Your Data.

Outlining and Brainstorming Making Lists. Databases and Spreadsheets. Travelers' Tools. Handspring's City Time.

17. Managing Your Money.

Track Your Personal Finances. Manage Your Financial Accounts. Manage Your Investments.

18. Games and Entertainment.

Stress Relievers. Notable Diversions.

Appendix A: Basic Troubleshooting.

Back up Your Data. Resetting Your Handheld. Hardware Troubleshooting. HotSync Troubleshooting.

Appendix B: GrafÞti Reference.
Appendix C: Resources.


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