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Wireless Networking Starter Kit, The

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Wireless Networking Starter Kit, The

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-321-17408-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-17408-6

Once authors Adam C. Engst and Glenn Fleishman discovered that the freedom of a wireless network meant they could access the Internet from bed, the living room, the coffee house down the street, most major airports, and even some city parks, there was no going back to the days of clumsy wired networks. Now they¿re here to share their knowledge in the new book The Wireless Networking Starter Kit Whether you¿re a Mac or PC user, if you¿re ready to embrace the freedom of wireless, this is the place to start. In these pages you¿ll learn first about the underpinnings of wireless technology and network basics before getting down to the real business at hand: setting up, configuring, and maintaining a wireless network. Step-by-step instructions delivered in easily digestible chunks make it easy to get your own network humming. Along the way you¿ll learn about security, sharing Internet connections among multiple computers, bridging two Ethernet networks, and more. And if you do run into trouble, there¿s a handy troubleshooting guide to answer your questions. If you have a couple of computers and the desire to connect them, you¿ll find everything you need to do so here.

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Table of Contents

1. Why Wireless?

Wireless Networking Roots. Who Should Read This Book? Real Life Wireless Networking.

2. Networking Basics.

Whats a Network? Network Uses. Network Wiring. Network Devices. Network Protocols. From Wired to Wireless.

3. How Wireless Works.

Passing Signals Through Walls. Wireless Hardware. Wireless Fidelity. Other Wireless Standards. Getting Your Hands Dirty.

4. Connecting Your Computer.

Connecting to a Wireless Network. Creating an Ad Hoc Wireless Network. Sharing Files. From Computers to Networks.

5. Building Your Wireless Network.

Planning Your Wireless Network. Buying a Wireless Gateway. Setting Up a Gateway. Creating a Software Access Point. Bridging Wireless Networks. Tying It Up and Locking It Down.

6. Wireless Security.

Wireless Worries. Preventing Access to Your Network. Securing Data in Transit. Protecting Your Systems. Know Your Enemy. Trust No Wire.

7. Taking It on the Road.

Networks on the Road. Other Preparation. Working on the Road. Let Your Network Go the Distance.

8. Going the Distance.

Who Go Long? Antenna Basics. Connecting to the Internet. Extending Your Network. When Things Go Wrong.

9. Things That Go Bump in the Net.

How to Troubleshoot. Wireless Networking Problems. Gazing into the Crystal Ball.

10. The Future of Wireless.

Challenges Facing Wireless. Future Standards. Way Out. Future Shock.



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