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Author Talk: Sal Cincotta on Improving Your Photography Business
By Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Sal Cincotta
Jan 9, 2013
Publisher Nancy Ruenzel interviews author Sal Cincotta on his recently published book, "The Photographer's MBA: Everything You need to Know for Your Phtoography Business." They discuss the rarity and importance of creative individuals who are also business minded. Sal recounts how he was able to turn his failing photography business into a highly profitable success story in the midst of the recession.
The Art of Boudoir Photography: Creating Sensual Movement
By Christa Meola
Jan 8, 2013
Christa Meola shows you how to create gorgeous movements that have sensuality, emotion, mood, feeling, and authenticity. She also offers a great primer for all women on how to feel comfortable with their bodies and cultivate sex appeal.
What’s New in HDR Efex Pro 2
By Dan Moughamian
Dec 31, 2012
Photoshop expert Dan Moughamian delves into HDR Efex Pro 2, one of the most popular HDR plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom.
Five Favorite Features of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 7
By Nicole S. Young
Dec 26, 2012
onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite 7 is not only brand-new, it's also polished, refined, and has some beautiful new additions to make photographic post-processing easy and fun. Join Photoshop expert Nicole S. Young as she goes through some of her favorite features of the new Perfect Photo Suite 7.
Author Talk: Lindsay Adler and Erik Valind on Shooting in Sh*tty Light (Podcast Transcription)
By Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Lindsay Adler, Erik Valind
Dec 14, 2012
Publisher Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel chats with authors Lindsay Adler and Erick Valind about the recently published "Shooting in Sh*tty Light: The Top Ten Worst Photography Lighting Situations and How to Conquer Them." They share some of their photography horror stories, and offer photographers a few tricks to use when facing poor lighting situations.
"The Best Photography Advice I Ever Got" with Rob Sylvan
By Rob Sylvan
Dec 11, 2012
Rob Sylvan suggests that being a better photographer doesn't have to do with anything directly related to photography, but with a simple (and not-so-simple) directive about how to live your life.
"The Best Photography Advice I Ever Got" with Ibarionex Perello
By Ibarionex Perello
Dec 4, 2012

Ibarionex Perello hosts and produces The Candid Frame podcast, teaches at the Art Center College of Design, and has written for numerous magazines. He's also the author of several popular book on photography, including Canon 5D Mark III: From Snapshots to Great Shots. Here, Ibarionex talks about how to handle others' thoughts and criticisms about your work.

Author Talk: Photographer Vincent Versace on Black and White Conversion Techniques (Podcast Transcript)
By Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Vincent Versace
Nov 30, 2012
Publisher Nancy Ruenzel chats with author and photographer Vincent Versace about his latest book, From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black and White Conversion Technique Known to Man. Vincent explains why it's important for photographers to learn more than one black and white conversion technique.
Indexing Photos Using Faces and Places with Aperture 3
By Dion Scoppettuolo
Nov 19, 2012
In this lesson on Aperture 3, you’ll examine two features that provide very natural ways to index photos—Faces and Places. Faces is a feature that not only detects faces of people in your photos, but with some minor assistance from you can also recognize those people. The second feature, Places, uses GPS data to identify where photos were taken.
"The Best Photography Advice I Ever Got" with Khara Plicanic
By Khara Plicanic
Nov 13, 2012
Khara Plicanic, author of Your Camera Loves You: Learn to Love it Back, explains that know-how, patience, and persistence are the keys to a successful photograph.
Author Talk: Photographer Jeff Schewe on Raw Image Processing (Podcast Transcript)
By Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Jeff Schewe
Nov 10, 2012
Peachpit and New Riders Publisher Nancy Ruenzel interviews professional photographer Jeff Schewe about his latest book. They touch on Jeff's role in the early development of Camera Raw and Lighroom, and why he chose to title his book The Digital Negative.
"The Best Photography Advice I Ever Got" with Teri Campbell
By Teri Campbell
Oct 30, 2012
In a field with no contracts, reputation and relationships seem important to building a steady stream of work. But Teri Campbell, author of Food Photography and Lighting thinks it takes a lot more than that.
Food Photography & Lighting: Creating "Natural" Daylight
By Teri Campbell
Oct 29, 2012
If you want your images to look like they were shot using natural light, then you need to study what you see, and consider how you can then re-create it in the studio. Some of the best ideas are out there waiting for you.
Lighting for Digital Photography: The Five Characteristics of Light
By Syl Arena
Oct 25, 2012
Photography is “writing with light.” So, let’s build our conversation about lighting on five fundamental characteristics of light: Direction, Intensity, Color, Contrast, and Hardness.
Photographing Women: Head & Shoulders
By Eliot Siegel
Oct 24, 2012
Head and shoulders—or beauty—photography represents an enormous slice of both the advertising and editorial markets worldwide. In this excerpt from Photographing Women: 1,000 Poses, Eliot Siegel explores two general categories of head and shoulders poses: front angle and side angle.
Tips for Shooting in Sh*tty Light: Mixed Color Temperatures
By Lindsay Adler, Erik Valind
Oct 23, 2012
Learn how to take charge of the light and photograph great images, even with multiple sources of unflattering light.
7 Secrets to Creating Irresistible Food Photography Images
By Teri Campbell
Oct 22, 2012
Creating truly irresistible images of food requires attention to a lot of different details. Teri Campbell, author of Food Photography & Lighting: A Commercial Photographer's Guide to Creating Irresistible Images, shares 7 secrets to creating amazing food images.
"The Best Photography Advice I Ever Got" with John Batdorff
By John Batdorff
Oct 16, 2012
Award-winning landscape and travel photographer John Batdorff shares six critical points of advice that are sure to inspire you˜no matter what stage you're at in the creative process.
Advanced Raw Processing Using Lightroom or Camera Raw
By Jeff Schewe
Oct 11, 2012
Jeff Schewe explains how to combine the various image adjustments and tools capable of being deployed in Lightroom or Camera Raw to arrive at an optimized “master digital negative.”
Canon EOS Rebel T4i / 650D: The Creative Zone
By Jeff Revell
Oct 8, 2012
The Creative zone is the name given by Canon to the shooting modes that offer you the greatest amount of control over your photography. Jeff Revell explains how to work with the various modes in the Creative zone, including Program Mode, Shutter Priority Mode, Aperture Priority Mode, and Manual Mode.

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