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Ten Tips for Producing Effective Design—and Minimizing Client Struggles
By Eric Karjaluoto
Sep 12, 2013
Eric Karjaluoto, author of The Design Method: A Philosophy and Process for Functional Visual Communication, offers ten tips that can make your job as a designer more rewarding and less stressful.
Nikita Prokhorov’s Ambigram of the Month: Liberty
By Nikita Prokhorov
Sep 11, 2013
One definition of Nikita Prokhorov's latest ambigram—liberty—is "a violation of rules or a deviation from standard practice," which is an excellent definition of ambigrams themselves.
Introducing The Design Method: A Philosophy and Process for Functional Visual Communication
By Eric Karjaluoto
Sep 10, 2013
Eric Karjaluoto introduces The Design Method, which is a framework you can implement in every design project to achieve appropriate results. This blueprint helps you gain understanding, craft a plan, develop ideas, and ultimately produce and apply them.
How to Create Tables in HTML
By Thomas Michaud
Sep 9, 2013
Thomas Michaud walks you step by step through how to create a table in HTML, in this chapter from Foundations of Web Design: Introduction to HTML & CSS.
Working with Text in HTML
By Elizabeth Castro, Bruce Hyslop
Sep 5, 2013
This chapter from HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, 8th Edition explains which HTML semantics are appropriate for different types of text, especially (but not solely) for text within a sentence or phrase.
How to Optimize Projects in Adobe After Effects CC
By Mark Christiansen
Sep 4, 2013
This chapter from Adobe After Effects CC Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques examines in close detail how image data flows through an After Effects project. It’s full of the information you need to help you make the most of After Effects.
10 Tips for Painless Photo Albums: A Guide for Professional Photographers
By Khara Plicanic
Sep 3, 2013
For a lot of photographers, album design is synonymous with headache. The hours (and hours!) spent designing are usually followed by weeks (or even months) of revisions, making for a painful experience for everyone involved. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Khara Plicanic, author of Album Moxie: The Savvy Photographer's Guide to Album Design and More with InDesign, offers ten tips to make the album creation process a joy.
Digital Asset Management in Adobe Experience Manager
By Ryan D. Lunka
Sep 3, 2013
Digital asset management is a critical part of delivering high-quality web experiences that contribute to the achievement of business goals. Adobe Experience Manager includes a digital asset management solution that unlocks these features within the context of a web experience management platform.
Creating and Organizing Digital Photographs with Adobe Creative Cloud
By xtine burrough
Sep 2, 2013
The exercises in this chapter from Foundations of Digital Art and Design with the Adobe Creative Cloud will explain the camera mechanics involved in creating a photograph and demonstrate how to organize, rename, and set up a digital “contact sheet” via a PDF of your images. You’ll explore your camera and use your files or those from the companion website to learn some of the best file management tools available in Adobe Bridge.
Corwin Hiebert's Creativity at Work: Being Professional Instead of Going Pro
By Corwin Hiebert
Aug 29, 2013
When creatives strive to "go pro" they tend to make assumptions about how and when they should accomplish it. Corwin Hiebert offers a couple ways to look at this concept of professionalism.
Working with Objects in Adobe InDesign CC
By Sandee Cohen
Aug 28, 2013
Although InDesign is not a full-fledged drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator, you can use InDesign’s tools to create a wide variety of effects by distorting, moving, resizing, duplicating, and aligning objects. Sandee Cohen shows you how in this chapter from InDesign CC: Visual QuickStart Guide.
A Confederacy of Truth-Tellers: The Bright (But Challenging) Future of Small or Independent Visualization Teams
By Alberto Cairo
Aug 27, 2013
Big media is fading and, with it, the way in which society has traditionally informed itself about relevant issues. Alberto Cairo, author of The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization, discusses whether a new generation of small, creative, candid, and committed teams of visual communicators will become effective watchdogs for our future.
Photography Q&A with Zack Arias: Real Questions. Real Answers.
By Zack Arias
Aug 26, 2013
In this excerpt from Photography Q&A: Real Questions. Real Answers., Zack Arias answers questions on cheap eBay lights, gear lust, low light, and more.
The Savvy Photographer's Guide to Album Design: Simply Square
By Khara Plicanic
Aug 22, 2013
Photographer Khara Plicanic shows you how to use Photoshop and InDesign to create a super-quick and easy square album that features a single image per page.
An Adobe Analytics Reports Overview
By Shane Closser
Aug 21, 2013
This chapter discusses Adobe Analytics reports—types of reports, sections of a report, and how to configure reports.
Enhancing Pictures in Adobe Photoshop CC with the Camera Raw Filter
By Dan Moughamian
Aug 21, 2013
One of the most important new features in Photoshop CC is the Camera Raw Filter. This provides the ability to use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) in a non-destructive workflow, directly from the Filter menu! Photoshop and Lightroom educator Dan Moughamian shows you how easy it is to benefit from the Camera Raw Filter’s powerful tools, using any raster image format that supports Smart Object layers, all right inside Photoshop!
Tips for the Digital Photographer on Working with Layer Masks in Adobe Photoshop
By Harold Davis
Aug 20, 2013
Harold Davis walks you through the process of solving a particular exposure challenge using layer masks in Adobe Photoshop, in this chapter from The Way of the Digital Photographer: Walking the Photoshop post-production path to more creative photography.
Jeff Schewe on Making a Digital Print
By Jeff Schewe
Aug 19, 2013
Once you’ve got your image prepared, it’s just a matter of printing it. Of course, as always, there are some potential roadblocks and technical issues to be aware of. Jeff Schewe shares his tips for getting the most our of your digital prints.
Take Great Photos with Your iPad
By Jeff Carlson
Aug 16, 2013
We're seeing more people take photos using their iPads because it's their most handy camera, but can you really get a good shot? Of course! Photo expert Jeff Carlson shares techniques for snapping sharper photos, handling exposure, and capturing HDR images.
Working with the Timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
By Jan Ozer
Aug 15, 2013
Although you can perform some editing functions in the Project panel and Source Monitor, you’ll do the vast majority of your editing—and spend the vast majority of your editing time—in the Timeline.

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