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Hidden Gems in Adobe Illustrator
By Brian Wood
Sep 19, 2012
Brian Wood, contributor to Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book, shows you how to optimize content for use in projects such as websites, apps, and more.
UI Design with Adobe Illustrator CS6, Part 3: Visualizing Interactions with Animation
By Rick Moore
Sep 10, 2012
Rick Moore, author of UI Design with Adobe Illustrator, takes us on a whirlwind run through creating animations to test interactions in Illustrator. Hold onto your hat!
UI Design with Adobe Illustrator CS6, Part 2: Creating Vector Icons
By Rick Moore
Sep 3, 2012
Wish you had an efficient way to create custom icons in multiple sizes for use on your websites and in your applications? Adobe Illustrator CS6 grants you the power, as demonstrated by Rick Moore, author of UI Design with Adobe Illustrator.
UI Design with Adobe Illustrator CS6, Part 1: Flipping Wireframes
By Rick Moore
Aug 27, 2012
Adobe Illustrator makes it easy to create wireframes and then seamlessly flip them to final art. Rick Moore, author of UI Design with Adobe Illustrator, demonstrates how to use Illustrator's symbols, graphic and character styles, and the Find Font tool to turn a sample user interface wireframe into a presentation-ready design.
The Building Blocks of UI Design with Adobe Illustrator
By Rick Moore
Aug 23, 2012
This chapter takes a look at the basic features that Illustrator provides for the building blocks of UI design.
UI Design with Adobe Illustrator CS6: The Illustrator Workspace
By Rick Moore
Apr 23, 2012
The Adobe Illustrator workspace is designed to allow you to be as creative as you want without a lot of distractions. In this excerpt from UI Design with Adobe Illustrator, Rick Moore shows you how to choose the right measurement units, select the optimal color space, and create artboards and organize your work.
Using the New Gradient on a Stroke in Adobe Illustrator CS6
By Adobe Creative Team
Apr 23, 2012
This excerpt from Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book shows you how to apply a gradient fill and gradient stroke to a rectangle that will become a painting.
The Non-Designer's Illustrator Book: Drawing with Shape and Line Tools
By Robin Williams, John Tollett
Dec 1, 2011
If you feel that you’re drawing-challenged, follow the tasks in this chapter and then play with the tools in Illustrator. You’ll discover that you’re able to create all sorts of amazingly creative and useful images.
Taming the Vector Monster
By Von R. Glitschka
Mar 31, 2011
Vector basic training is all about taking your drawn design and helping you build it with precision in vector form using the methods and process covered in Vector Basic Training. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through a real-world creative project that utilizes the systematic methodology and build methods covered in the book in order to create a monster illustration.
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium How-Tos: Working with Illustrator
By Scott Citron, Patrick E. Murphy
Feb 16, 2011
Whatever task you throw at Illustrator, or whatever your particular artwork needs are, there are a multitude of features that help you explore creatively, work efficiently, and publish reliably.
Using the Brush Tools in Adobe Illustrator CS5
By Brian Wood
Feb 9, 2011
Brian Wood, contributor to Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book, creates custom brushes in Illustrator for all sorts of purposes. Follow along with Brian's tutorials and videos, and soon you'll be equally addicted to creating custom brushes for your own Brushes panel.
Pen Tool Mastery in Adobe Illustrator CS5
By Brian Wood
Dec 16, 2010
Have you been ignoring Illustrator's Pen tool? Brian Wood wasn't crazy about working with the Pen tool, but after a bit of experimentation he has come to rely on it. Tune in here to learn some of Brian's best Pen tool techniques.
Creating Flash Animations in Adobe Illustrator CS5
By Brian Wood
Nov 9, 2010
Brian Wood, contributor to Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book, demonstrates a handy technique for animating Illustrator artwork or creating simple animations without the help of Flash.
Round Trip Between Illustrator/Photoshop and Flash Catalyst
By Brian Wood
Oct 27, 2010
What’s easier than creating the content (look and feel) for your project in Illustrator and/or Photoshop, then bringing that directly into Flash Catalyst? Okay, if it was created for you, that would be easier… Brian Wood shows you how Flash Catalyst enables you to add interactivity to that content and export it in the correct format or hand it over to an Adobe Flex developer to add database integration, and much more.
Shading with the Adobe Illustrator CS5 Mesh Object
By Brian Wood
Oct 19, 2010
Simple lines can convey straightforward ideas, but subtlety often requires shading. Brian Wood, contributor to Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book, demonstrates using mesh objects to add gradients to curves. Brian shares his best tips for saving steps and preventing headaches as you work with mesh objects.
Create a PDF Portfolio Using Adobe Illustrator
By xtine burrough
Oct 18, 2010
Adobe Illustrator’s multiple Artboards feature saves some students and professionals the time it takes to learn a new software program. In this article, a multi-page PDF portfolio—an essential document for students and professionals alike—is created in Illustrator. If you’ve never used InDesign, but you need to make a multi-page document, author xtine burrough explains how this process is just what you need.
Taking Advantage of Layer Strategies in Adobe Illustrator CS5
By Brian Wood
Oct 12, 2010
Whether you want to create multiple versions of a single object or you're building incredibly complex artwork, layers can be very helpful for controlling and keeping track of your Illustrator art objects and documents. Brian Wood, contributor to Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book, demonstrates strategies for making layers really useful.
Sharon Steuer and Mordy Golding Talk about Adobe Illustrator CS5
By Sharon Steuer, Mordy Golding
Sep 21, 2010
Sharon Steuer (author of The Adobe Illustrator CS5 WOW! Book) and Mordy Golding (author of Real World Adobe Illustrator CS5) ask each other some burning questions.
Illustrator CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide -- Panels
By Elaine Weinmann, Peter Lourekas
Sep 7, 2010
This chapter will help you become more intimately acquainted with the Illustrator interface features that you will be using continually as you work: the panels.
Creating Web Content in Adobe Illustrator CS5
By Brian Wood
Aug 30, 2010
Brian Wood, author of Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book, presents best practices and handy tips for using Illustrator to create and save artwork for your website. Follow his advice to create better-looking and faster-loading art that adds value to your site.

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