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Client Management in Xsan
By Robert Kite
Jan 29, 2009
Robert Kite shows you how to manage clients and users based on the access requirements of your environment.
Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X: Add Controls to the Document Window
By Bill Cheeseman
May 6, 2010
Controls are a commonplace of every application. They range from the simplest push button to complex devices like the date picker. In this recipe, Bill Cheeseman shows you how to create simple push buttons, navigation buttons with graphics, and complex controls, a date picker and a search field, for more sophisticated navigation.
Color Correction in Shake 3
By Marco Paolini
Dec 16, 2005
Color correction is a generic term for any process that alters the perceived color of an image. The mere mention of the term sends shivers up my spine, because no two people can ever agree on what looks right, including your clients. Fortunately, Shake provides you with a vast array of color manipulation tools with which to drive up your profits. This chapter provides an overview of the color correction tools in Shake.
Command Signatures and Control IDs in OS X
By Dan Sydow
Dec 14, 2001
Join expert author Dan Parks Sydow as he explores command signatures and control IDs in a Mac OS environment.
Comparing Digital Camera Sensors, Part 1
By Peter Bauer
Feb 22, 2008
In part one of this three-part series, Peter Bauer takes a look at some practical aspects of different-sized camera sensors in digital SLRs. Which camera should you buy? You may want to read this first.
Configuring Your OS X Unix Environment
By Matisse Enzer
Apr 4, 2003
Learn how to customize your OS X environment, including the shell prompt, shortcuts, installation of new software, and vi, by changing your configuration files, environment variables, and tbe path.
Creating a Custom Screen Saver with iPhoto
By Maria Langer
Oct 22, 2004
Want to remember the Bridge of Sighs every time you boot up? If you've been collecting photos in iPhoto, you probably have hundreds of images of family, friends, vacations, and other subjects just sitting on your hard disk collecting digital dust. Why not use them to dress up your workspace by turning your favorites into a screen saver? With iPhoto 2 and Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, it's easy.
Creating a Data Entry Layout in FileMaker Pro
By Steve Schwartz
Jan 20, 2006
Sometimes, the default layout presented by Filemaker Pro will work just fine, but most of the time you'll want to do some customization. This chapter takes you step-by-step through the process of customizing a data entry layout in Filemaker Pro 8.
Creating a Home or Small Office Server Using Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station
By Ryan Faas
Jun 1, 2007
Looking to set up centralized file and printer sharing for your home or office? Want to avoid sacrificing performance of any of your computers or suffering the hassle of setting up a server? Apple's AirPort Extreme offers a simple, cross-platform, one-stop solution that includes incredible performance. Ryan Faas shows you why AirPort Extreme's amazing combination of features for a relatively low price point is a great tool for your home or small business.
Creating a Newsletter Template in Apple iWork
By David Morris
Dec 1, 2005
In this chapter we'll begin building a template for the organization's newsletter. Using placeholder text and images we'll design a look and feel for the publication and create a file that can be used and easily modified each time we publish the newsletter.
Creating a Photo Book with iPhoto
By Maria Langer
Aug 5, 2005
In addition to being a great writer and pilot, Maria Langer is a terrific photojournalist. Well, maybe not. She's actually really good at taking digital pictures and using the easy steps she covers in this article to assemble those images into impressive photo books. Want to create picture books of your own with that professional look? Just follow along.
Creating a Podcast
By Bart G. Farkas
Nov 11, 2005
So, you fancy yourself an amateur DJ, or an amateur talk show host. Podcasting offers you the opportunity to self-publish radio shows on the internet. This chapter explains both the legal and technological requirements of podcasting, and how you can get started creating your own podcasts.
Creating Custom Color Profiles in OS X
By Joshua Weisberg
Oct 8, 2004
This sample chapter from the book Apple Pro Training Series: Color Management in Mac OS X by Joshua Weisberg explains how to use a variety of applications to create device profiles in order to get the best results and most predictability from color management.
Creating Interactive Movies
Apr 30, 2007
Creating Interactive Movies with QuickTime Pro
By Brian Gary, Steve Martin, Jem Schofield
Jun 8, 2007
QuickTime container files can hold much more than just audio and video. In fact, you can add entire layers of interactivity to your media. Wiring your movies transforms the audience's experience from merely watching the movie play to playing with the movie while watching it. In this sample chapter, you'll learn how to create autoloading Web pages, clickable Web links, chapter tracks, custom skins, and slideshows to make your QuickTime movies truly hands-on experiences.
Creating Suspense with Sound Design in Soundtrack Pro
By Mary Plummer
Apr 21, 2006
In this lesson, you’ll take the skills presented earlier in the book and apply them to the sound design of a suspense scene. First you’ll watch the scene and determine a strategy for the sound. Then you’ll add markers in the Timeline for specific sounds effects. Once the markers are in place, you’ll work with sound effects to add reality, illusion of space, and mood to the scene. Along the way you’ll also organize tracks, change track names and icons, and learn some new features and shortcuts.
Creating Timelapse WebCam Movies on a Mac
By Maria Langer
Aug 31, 2007
A WebCam is one way to show off what's going on outside your window or in your office, but sometimes still photos don't share the whole picture. Why not put your WebCam view into motion by turning all those images into a timelapse movie? In this article, author and WebCam tinkerer Maria Langer shows you how.
Customizing iDVD Themes
By Jaemi Loeb
Dec 1, 2005
Want to break free of the iDVD pre-set themes and create your own disc menu screen for your DVD masterpiece? From choosing background music to creating your own screen layout, Jaemi Loeb will help you take the best of what iDVD has to offer and make it distinctly yours.
Customizing Your .Mac Homepage With iWeb
By Ryan Faas
Apr 7, 2006
iWeb makes it easy to create polished Web sites in no time, but can you make a site that expresses your personality instead of looking exactly like Apple's templates? You bet, says Ryan Faas, and it's not hard, either.
Data-Recovery Options Under Mac OS X
By Ryan Faas
Sep 9, 2010
Ryan Faas examines native and external options for Mac users who hope to get back their lost photos, client databases, and other precious files.

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