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Using Apps & the App Store with Your iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS
By Scott Kelby, Terry White
Mar 8, 2012
Scott Kelby and Terry White share everything you need to know about getting apps from the Apple app store, including updating and deleting them, organizing and moving apps, and where to find the coolest apps.
Managing Media in Final Cut Pro X
By Larry Jordan
Feb 22, 2012
Unlike any other editing system, Final Cut Pro X is designed from the ground up to work with tapeless media, which is media recorded to cards and hard disks, not videotape. Managing this media is what this chapter is all about.
How to Make the Most of the Internet on Your iPhone
By Simone Ochsenkuehn, Michael Krimmer
Feb 16, 2012
With your iPhone, all the information you could possibly want is there, right in your hands and in the most updated form; you just need to get it. This chapter shows you how.
Editing DSLR Video with Final Cut Pro X: Organizing Your Media
By Richard Harrington, Robbie Carman, Abba Shapiro
Feb 8, 2012
Final Cut Pro X has several tools that let you sort, sift, filter, and find the perfect shot. You can use embedded metadata as well as attach powerful keywords to improve your ability to locate the perfect shot. In this chapter you'll learn the many ways to organize your media.
Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Server Essentials: Managing Accounts
By Arek Dreyer, Ben Greisler
Jan 23, 2012
Account management in OS X Lion encompasses fine-tuning the user experience by managing preferences and settings for users, groups, devices, and device groups. Ben Greisler and Arek Dreyer show you how.
Final Cut Pro X: Visual QuickStart Guide: Marking Clips
By Lisa Brenneis, Michael Wohl
Jan 19, 2012
This chapter will cover different ways of identifying, selecting, and highlighting bits of clips in Final Cut Pro X.
The iPhone Pocket Guide: Mail, Calendar, and Reminders
By Christopher Breen
Dec 26, 2011
Become a whiz at managing your mail, calendar and reminders on the iPhone.
What's the Skinny on the iPhone 4S Video?
By Joanna Silber
Dec 13, 2011
If you like using your phone to capture candid video, the iPhone 4S (or the iOS 5 upgrade for your iPhone 4) offers plenty of new or improved features to make upgrading worth your time, says Joanna Silber. So now it's perfect? Well, not quite.
Author Interview: Lisa Brenneis and Michael Wohl
By Lisa Brenneis, Michael Wohl
Dec 7, 2011
Hot on the heels of the release of their new book, Final Cut Pro X Visual QuickStart Guide, expert authors, filmmakers and teachers Lisa Brenneis and Michael Wohl sat down with us to discuss Final Cut Pro and a few more things besides!
Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Support Essentials: Supporting and Troubleshooting OS X Lion: Data Management
By Kevin M. White
Dec 6, 2011
This chapter focuses on the composition and organization of the files and folders that make up Lion. In this chapter you, acting as an administrator, will use the file layout to strategically allocate resources. You will also work with many Mac-specific file technologies, including resource forks, packages, Quick Look, and Spotlight. Finally, you will use the built-in features for archiving data on the Mac, and learn how to back up and restore data using Time Machine.
Shoot Your Kids! (with the iPhone 4S)
By Joanna Silber
Nov 21, 2011
Childhood is fleeting. Joanna Silber recommends catching your kids on video as often and as freely as possible, so you'll all be able to enjoy reliving those moments anytime as they grow. By following her suggestions, you'll end up with more (and better) footage, instead of the ordinary out-of-focus "happy birthday" and "recital torture" moments that most parents get - and everyone else hates watching.
Quick Shot, or GREAT Shot? Framing Your Images for Impressive Results from Your iPhone 4S
By Joanna Silber
Nov 15, 2011
With the powerful little camera built into your iPhone, it's easy to grab some quick photos or entertaining video whenever something interesting comes into view. That's the extent of the energy most of us put into our photography, and that lack of effort shows in our results. By devoting just a few extra seconds, Joanna Silber says, we could end up with photos and video that make us proud.
The 10 Key Improvements to the iPhone 4S Camera
By Dan Marcolina
Nov 9, 2011
Dan Marcolina, author of iPhone Obsessed, shares the ten hardware and software improvements to the iPhone 4S that will let you take photos better and faster than ever before.
Getting the Most out of Your iPhone 4 Video Camera
By Joanna Silber
Nov 8, 2011
Joanna Silber explains what you can—and can't—expect from your iPhone 4 video camera.
Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X: Import
By Steve Martin
Oct 27, 2011
Steve Martin discusses the three main paths for ingesting media into Final Cut Pro X: importing from a camera (file- and tape-based), importing files, and importing from iMovie.
Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X: Building the Rough Cut
By Diana Weynand
Oct 20, 2011
In this lesson you’ll build a rough cut using the source media you’ve imported. To begin, you will create a new project, and mark clips you’ve placed in Keyword Collections. Then, you’ll choose your Favorite clips and edit them into the project to create a primary storyline.
Replacing the MobileMe Features Lost in iCloud
By Ryan Faas
Sep 28, 2011
Apple's upcoming iCloud service will replace MobileMe with new features, but some staple features are getting left behind. There are some excellent alternatives for existing MobileMe users, and Mac expert Ryan Faas walks you through the choices
TextEdit for Word Processing in Mac OS X Lion
By Robin Williams, John Tollett
Sep 22, 2011
Robin Williams and John Tollett show you how to work with TextEdit, a small yet surprisingly powerful word processor, in this chapter from their book, Mac OS X Lion: Peachpit Learning Series.
The Mac OS X Lion Project Book: Making Magic
By Scott McNulty
Sep 12, 2011
Lion comes equipped with tools that allow you to create professional-looking results without spending a professional amount of money. Scott McNulty shows you how to edit snapshots, create a slideshow, and create a simple Web site using Mac OS X Lion.
Mac OS X Lion: Visual QuickStart Guide: Window Views
By Maria Langer
Aug 18, 2011
In this chapter, Maria Langer tells you more about how to work with Mac OS X’s window views. By understanding how each view works and what features it offers, you should be able to decide which views work best for the things you need to do.

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