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How to Create a Landing Page That Sells
By Lance Loveday, Sandra Niehaus
Nov 16, 2007
Authors Lance Loveday and Sandra Niehaus show you how to turn landing pages into powerful strategic weapons that enhance financial returns and give you a competitive edge.
Why Bad Site Design Succeeds
By Robert Hoekman
Oct 19, 2007
Every so often, bad design wins. Unfortunately, this often results in designers believing that bad design is a good idea. Before you start creating animated GIFs again, take a look at what Robert Hoekman, Jr., has to say about why sites like YouTube, MySpace, and others succeed in spite of their weak designs.
Get Your Site Noticed with a Solid Link Strategy
By Shari Thurow
Oct 5, 2007
Shari Thurow explains how to create a link development strategy that search engines will love.
Make Your Site BulletProof With Floats
By Dan Cederholm
Oct 5, 2007
Dan Cederholm helps you choose the best markup for the job to ensure your site's content is displayed properly across the widest range of browsers and devices.
The Next Level: Creating an Inline Random Graphic in Dreamweaver CS3
By Andy Anderson
Jul 13, 2007
Spice up your Web pages with the easy-to-use Dreamweaver CS3!
The Art of TextEdit
By Neale Monks
May 4, 2007
Need a fast and easy-to-use word processor/page layout program with lists, styles, tables, advanced typography, and support for multiple languages? Ladies and gentlemen, Neale Monks wants to introduce you to TextEdit, which is a viable, attractive alternative to heavyweight word processors.
Quick Guide To Creating RSS Feeds
By Steven Holzner
Jan 19, 2007
This chapter is all about creating your own RSS feeds by using RSS creation applications. Read on to learn how to create RSS feeds online and on your computer, upload your RSS feed, add an XML button, and validate your RSS feed.
What Do People Think of Your Site Design? Here's How To Find Out.
By Dan M. Brown
Jan 12, 2007
Usability testing is an essential part of the web design diet. In a nutshell, it's a technique for soliciting feedback on the design of a web site. Usability testing is usually conducted on one participant at a time, and attempts to have participants use the site in as close to a real-world setting as possible. Different people have different approaches to usability testing but two things remain consistent—the documents describing what you'll do during the test (the plan) and what came out of the test (the results report). This chapter describes the test plan—the document you prepare in advance of testing—.
Interactive Designer Brendan Dawes on How The Craving for Experiences Drives Design
By Brendan Dawes
Dec 15, 2006
People crave experiences. It’s the experience of an object, the little special details, which make us want to interact with it in some way, physically or emotionally. Author Brendan Dawes explains how this craving for experiences is particularly evident when making purchasing decisions, something that logic would suggest should always be guided by price.
Jeffrey Zeldman On Why To Incorporate Web Standards
By Jeffrey Zeldman
Nov 22, 2006
Web standards hold the key to accessible, cost-effective web design and development, but you wouldn't know it from surveying most big commercial sites. In this chapter, CSS guru Jeffrey Zeldman explores some of the reasons web standards have not yet been incorporated into the normative practice of all design shops and in-house web divisions, and are not yet obligatory components of every site plan or request for proposal. If you need help selling standards to your colleagues, this chapter is for you.
Usability Test Plan
Nov 20, 2006
“Brown Paper and String” Moments
Nov 13, 2006
Creating RSS Feeds
Nov 13, 2006
How to Set Up A Successful Web Redesign Project
By Kelly Goto, Emily Cotler
Oct 20, 2006
Starting a web redesign project can be daunting. So much to do...where to begin? Although you and the client may have a general understanding of what will be involved in getting the project done, the details and process of starting a redesign project can be elusive. This chapter will help you set the stage, plan, and prep as authors Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler focus on helping you to develop methods of communicating expectations and making sure there are no mistaken assumptions.
Flash Video 101: Best Practices for Capturing and Encoding Flash Video for Web Delivery
By James Gonzalez
Sep 15, 2006
Before you start a Flash video Web project, you must balance a variety of factors to ensure that you start with the highest quality, smallest video files as possible. Join James Gonzalez for a review of the best practices for achieving the best possible video image quality and viewing experience.
How to Export a Site Design From Fireworks to Dreamweaver
By Jeffrey Bardzell, Shaowen Bardzell, Bob Flynn
Sep 8, 2006
After you create and finalize your site's design in Fireworks, you can turn your attention to moving the design from Fireworks to Dreamweaver. Moving the design is a two-step process that involves image optimization and file export. In this lesson, you'll learn techniques for optimizing graphics. In addition, you'll work with various export settings to prepare the Fireworks document for export. In the process, you'll become familiar with Fireworks' Optimize panel and the Export HTML setup process, mastering the techniques used to find the best optimization and export settings for your original design.
Can Microsoft Expression Web Designer Touch Dreamweaver?
By Meryl K. Evans
Sep 1, 2006
Look out, Dreamweaver. Consider Microsoft Expression Web Designer as Dreamweaver's new rival. Meryl Evans tells you why you shouldn't look at this competition in the iPod vs. everybody way, but instead in the Dell vs. HP way.
The Trouble with Standards
Aug 28, 2006
Create Text-Based Links in Dreamweaver 8
By Khristine Annwn Page
Aug 11, 2006
In this lesson, you’ll develop the initial framework of the site structure by developing placeholders for the pages in the Yoga Sangha project site. You’ll link these pages together using Dreamweaver’s visual site-mapping tools to create a working test site. Creating this kind of framework through pages and links in a bare but functional version of the site can help you test the navigation that you have developed. Testing the proposed site structure before creating the design will help you catch fundamental problems at the beginning of development, enabling you to address them more efficiently.
Making iWeb Your Own: Creating Your Own Themes and Templates for Apple's Web Design Tool
By Ryan Faas
Aug 11, 2006
Do you like iWeb's ease of use but feel stifled by having to rely on Apple's cookie-cutter selection of themes and templates? Here's some great news: You can create your templates and themes for iWeb. Ryan Faas walks you through changing and adding to the reference files and ultimately creating your own personalized iWeb themes.

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