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Matthew Boles

Matthew Boles is a Technical Training Specialist for the Adobe Technical Marketing group, and has been developing and teaching courses on Flex since the 1.0 release. Matthew has a diverse background in web development, computer networking, and teaching. He is also a contributing author of the Adobe authorized Flex courseware.

Michael Labriola

Michael Labriola is a founding partner and senior consultant at Digital Primates. He has been developing Internet applications since 1995 and has been working with Flex since its 1.0 beta program. Michael is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Community Professional, Flex Developer Champion, and international speaker on Flex and AIR topics who has consulted for many of the world’s most recognized brands. At Digital Primates, Michael mentors client development teams using emerging technologies. At home, he spends his free time escaping from technology through wine and food.

James Talbot

James Talbot has been with Adobe (formerly Macromedia) for more than six years, on both the sales engineering and training teams, and has most recently been working with Flex and Flash Lite. He has traveled extensively throughout the world promoting Adobe products and certifying Adobe instructors as well as speaking at conferences. James has been an integral team member on high profile rich Internet application consulting assignments for companies such as AOL / Time Warner, JP Morgan, Fidelity, and TV Guide. James is actively involved in the Adobe worldwide instructor and developer community, and contributes to developer certification exams as well as organizing and speaking at user groups. James is passionate about Flash on devices as well as rich Internet applications and he believes that both technologies will change the world for the better.

Jeff Tapper

Jeff Tapper is a founding partner and senior consultant at Digital Primates. He has been developing Internet-based applications since 1995 for a myriad of clients, including Major League Baseball, ESPN, Morgan Stanley, Conde Nast, IBM, Dow Jones, American Express, Verizon, and many others. He has been developing Flex applications since the earliest days of Flex 1. As an instructor, Jeff is certified to teach all of Adobe’s courses on Flex, AIR, Flash, and ColdFusion development. He is also a frequent speaker at Adobe Development Conferences and user groups. Digital Primates provides expert guidance on rich Internet application development and empowers clients through mentoring.