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Andrew Shalat

Andrew Shalat is recognized as many things, of which writer and designer are two he can discuss publicly. His correctly spelled articles have appeared in many prestigious publications, including Macworld,, and His design work has popped up all over the place and continues to do so in many forms, including book covers, brochures, catalogs, CD and DVD artwork, logos, and plain old fliers. As he is a man of the people, you can even find some of his work on roadsides across our fair land. Over the past 25 years, he’s taught literature, writing, Web design, print design, and Flash design. He’s also taught his cockatoo to whistle Prokofiev. Although you may or may not find him amusing, he numbers several professionally funny people among his friends. He lives in Los Angeles with a lovely woman who claims to be his wife and, if we accept that as fact, their two sons.