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Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack Pro 2

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Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack Pro 2


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  • Copyright 2008
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-50266-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-50266-7

There’s no better way to learn to create professional audio files for film or video than this self-paced, Apple-certified guide to Soundtrack Pro 2—the only digital audio tool designed specifically for Final Cut Pro users. Audio producer Martin Sitter created all-new projects and completely revised this best-selling book to take advantage of the software’s new streamlined interface, surround mixing features, revolutionary ability to synchronize changes between picture and sound, and new dialog track tools. After introducing readers to the Soundtrack workspace and showing them how to work with audio clips and tracks, Sitter moves quickly to the essential task of audio restoration and clean-up. Readers then learn to arrange, edit, and mix multi-track audio projects; record and edit voiceovers and narration; and experiment with advanced mixing and effects. Each chapter presents a complete lesson in an aspect of sound design or editing, with step-by-step projects for you to complete as you go. DVD with project and media files included.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Part 1: Basic Sound Editing
Chapter 1: Exploring The Workspace
Part 2: Audio Restoration & Clean-Up
Chapter 2: Fixing Audio Files
Chapter 3: Working with the Frequency Spectrum
Part 3: Dialogue Recording and ADR
Chapter 4: Recording In Soundtrack Pro
Chapter 5: Old School Dialog Replacement
Chapter 6: New School Dialog Replacement
Part 4: Multitrack Editing
Chapter 7: Editing Multitrack Projects
Chapter 8: Working With Content
Chapter 9: Mixing Multitrack Projects
Chapter 10: Conforming Multitrack Projects



Note: This book requires Final Cut Pro 6 to complete the lessons. At the time the book was published, Soundtrack Pro 2 was available only as part of the Final Cut Studio suite. Following the book's release, Apple released Logic Studio Pro, which includes Soundtrack Pro 2. We apologize for any inconvenience to Logic Pro users who do not own Final Cut Pro 6.

Due to a manufacturing problem, the first printing of APTS: Soundtrack 2 books included defective DVD discs and a small number were sold before the problem was discovered. The discs have been replaced in all warehouse stock, and all new books should not experience a problem. If you purchased a book with a defective disc, a replacement disc can be obtained at no charge. Please e-mail us and include your name, address, and the book's title and ISBN: Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack 2, 0321502663. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Chapter 3
Page 106, new step 2:
Stop playback, then from the main menu bar, choose Process > Effects > Dynamics > Compressor.

Page 108, after the screenshot there should be a new step:
6 Play the clip to hear the applied compressor.

Chapter 4
Page 120, new step 4:
Play the project (and watch the scene) to approximately timecode value 01:01:00:00, and then stop playback.

The Note on page 121:
To position the playhead, you can triple-click the timecode area or double-click the beat area in the upper-left corner of the Timeline, which opens a text field, and then type a timecode value.

Page 128, new text before Step 1:
Note Before proceeding with this lesson, or any recording session in Soundtrack Pro, it's a good idea to set Audio Input settings, such as source, sample rate, and bit rate, in the Audio/Midi Setup utility to make sure they match your project settings. Before closing Audio/Midi Setup, you can set a default input that will be pre-selected in the Recording Tab in Soundtrack Pro, or you can set a default input as well as default channel, monitor, and latency compensation in the recording pane of Soundtrack Pro preferences.Page 131, new step 1: Click the first channel button. Don't hold the mouse button.

Chapter 8
Page 251, new text right before step 3:
If you get no search results, use the Browser tab to navigate to the audio file in APTS Soundtrack Pro 2 > Media > iLife Media > 44th Street Long.aif.

Chapter 9
Page 281, addition to step 2:
2 Press the spacebar to play the cycle region.
If you have problems with playback, simply stop playback and try playing again.

Page 299, addition to step 5: 5 Press the spacebar to play the cycle region. If you have problems with playback, stop playback and try playing again.

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