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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Other Component Resources

There are other great online resources for getting your hands on professional-quality SketchUp components. The following sites offer samples from their component collections that can be downloaded from the 3D Warehouse.

  • Form Fonts: Form Fonts is a subscription-based site with thousands of professional-quality 2D models, 3D models, and texture maps. When 3D Warehouse searches turn up empty, I'll often turn to Form Fonts. I've had an account on this site for nearly four years and find it an invaluable resource for delivering projects on tight deadlines.
  • Entourage Arts: This site sells a number of CD-ROM volumes with 2D NPR (non-photorealistic) components of people and landscape elements. Each component comes in SKP, PNG, and MCD format. The files can be used in SketchUp, Piranesi, and Photoshop to create renderings with a softer, more hand-drawn aesthetic.
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