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Mockups in a Flash

This, I think, is one of the cooler tricks in the world of Flash design.

Let's say you have a meeting with a client this afternoon and you have yet to start creating mockups for the new Flash application. So you pop open Flash and start whipping up frame after frame of possible layouts for the project, and later discover that you forgot to charge your laptop battery last night and you'll need the mockups in print. You think to yourself, "I've got 20 frames of content here and one animation. It'll take forever to print all this."


Choose File > Print Margins. In the dialog box, leave the margin settings as they are, but choose All Frames from the Frames menu and Storyboard – Grid or Storyboard – Boxes from the Layout menu. Click OK; then print. What flies out of your printer is a page with 18 boxes on it, each of which displays one frame of the Timeline, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2Figure 2 Create printed mockups in a hurry.

To make this worthwhile, make sure that each frame contains something different from the previous one. If a box appears on the Stage for five frames, five frames of boxes will be printed.


To print the animation, convert it to a movie clip and print the symbol's Timeline. To make it extra fun for the client, cut apart the squares on the printed page and staple them together in chronological order. Thumb through the pages to see the animation. You've got yourself a flip-book.

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