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Lower File Sizes

When you're using a lot of bitmap images in a Flash movie, file size can add up fast. You can use the Publish Settings to set the JPG quality for the entire movie, but that often leads to inconsistency. One image may look great, whereas another looks grainy and smudgy (is that a word?).


To customize the publish settings for individual bitmap images, right-click (or Cmd + click) on the image's name in the Library and choose Properties. In the Bitmap Properties dialog box, deselect "Use document default quality" and then change the number in the Quality field. Higher numbers result in higher-quality images with a larger file size. Lower numbers result in lower quality and lower file size. After you set the number, click Test. The dialog box reports the starting file size and the new file size for the image. Typically, setting the Quality to 50 can make a 700Kb image publish at less than 20Kb. Big improvement.

You can also use the mouse to drag the image around in the preview pane of the dialog box to see how it will look. If it's grainy, raise the number in the Quality field. If it still looks perfect, you can decrease the quality even more.

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