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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Getting Notifications

Certain apps can push notifications to you, even when you’re not actively using the app. Notification Center is the central list of all the apps that are trying to get your attention. Apps that can send notifications include

  • Calendar (for events and invitations)
  • Reminders (for reminders coming due)
  • Game Center (for friend requests and game invitations)
  • Mail (for incoming email)
  • Messages (for new messages)
  • FaceTime (for missed calls)
  • Twitter (for direct messages and mentions)
  • Any third-party apps whose developers tap into Notification Center

Notifications come in two forms: banners and alerts. A banner slides into view from the top of the screen and then disappears after 5 seconds red_a.jpg. An alert pops open center-screen and stays there until you acknowledge it by tapping Close, View, Snooze, or whatever. Tapping a banner opens the corresponding app to show the related item. (If you tap a Mail subject heading, for example, Mail opens and displays that message.) If a notification appears in the Lock screen, flick it from left to right to respond to it.

If a banner notification disappears before you can get to it, you can open Notification Center at any time to see a list of recent notifications.

To show Notification Center

To remove a notification

  1. Tap icon_remove.jpg.
  2. Tap Clear.

To configure Notification Center

  1. Tap Settings > Notifications.

    Apps that can send notifications are listed red_c.jpg.


    red_c.jpg You can fine-tune how each app displays notifications. Some settings vary by app.

  2. Tap an app to change any of the following settings:
    • Whether an app sends notifications
    • Whether you receive banner or alert notifications (or none at all)
    • The order in which notifications are listed (tap the Edit button and then drag icon_grabber.jpg up or down to reorder the list)
    • How many recent notifications appear in Notification Center
    • Whether to display a badge (a number in a little red circle) on the notifying app’s dock icon
    • Whether the notification appears when your iPad is locked
    • Whether to play a sound as part of the notification
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