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From the author of Ignore the Adjustment Sliders

Ignore the Adjustment Sliders

The workhorse of photo editing software has always been the slider. Move sliders to increase or decrease everything from brightness and saturation to the intensity of any given effect.

iPhoto offers sliders, but encourages a more hands-on approach:

  1. Choose a photo and tap the Edit button to enter editing mode.
  2. Select an adjustment mode, such as Color.
  3. Touch and hold somewhere within the image; iPhoto offers controls based on the area you choose. For example, Figure 3 shows the controls iPhoto displayed when I touched an area of grass in the shot. One control is for adjusting overall saturation, and another adjusts green values in the area containing grass.
  4. Figure 3 Touch an area of the photo to adjust the image's appearance.

  5. Without removing your finger from the screen, drag in the direction the arrows indicate—drag up to increase saturation, drag right to increase the Greenery setting, and so forth.
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