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  1. Semantics Is Meaning
  2. Mean What You Write, Write What You Mean
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Mean What You Write, Write What You Mean

If you're like me, you've done things in conventional ways based on the knowledge you had at the time combined with the general conventions of the day. But web design and development is in a state of constant change, and the current examination of semantics within markup is important for ensuring a more portable and accessible future for our documents.

The semantic approach to markup isn't reserved for HTML and XHTML elements, either. In my next Integrated Web Design article, I'll cover an area of semantics that relates to structuring documents efficiently for CSS, especially in terms of layout.

When we author HTML and XHTML documents that are structured and semantic rather than presentational, we can do a lot more with our content, producing documents that are

  • Far more ready for styling effectively with CSS
  • Faster loading, by virtue of reduced page weight
  • More accessible
  • Sharable across numerous devices, from the rich visual environment of the desktop to the plain, content-oriented interface of the cell phone
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