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3-Light Lens Flare Setup: Lens-Flare Lighting
By Scott Kelby
Oct 26, 2011
Scott Kelby walks you through how to create a three-light shoot that incorporates three different types of light.
4 Awesome Lightroom mobile Tips and Tricks
By Jeff Carlson
Aug 20, 2014
Adobe Lightroom mobile synchronizes photos between your Lightroom library on a computer and an iPad or iPhone, but it's more than just an image conduit. Jeff Carlson, author of Adobe Lightroom mobile: Your Lightroom on the Go, shares some of his favorite tips for working with Lightroom mobile, from automatically importing new shots to copying adjustments between photos and environments.
5 Documentary Filmmaking Tips from "American Teen"
By Ron Dawson
Feb 9, 2010
Ron Dawson points out techniques used in Nanette Burstein’s award-winning film that you can apply to your own video creation.
5 Things Cool about the New iPad Mini
By Jeff Carlson
Oct 24, 2012
Now that we know what the iPad mini is, what's so great about it? Jeff Carlson shares five cool things he learned about the iPad mini.
5 Ways to Improve Your Ajax Performance
By Larry Ullman
Mar 28, 2012
In sites that rely upon Ajax for functionality (or even pizzazz), performance becomes even more critical than the general JavaScript performance. Because Ajax requests take place behind the scenes, to the end user there is little discernible difference between an Ajax request being slow, and nothing happening at all. In this article, Larry Ullman explains some of the concrete steps you can take to improve the performance of your sites’ Ajax interactions.
7 Secrets to Creating Irresistible Food Photography Images
By Teri Campbell
Oct 22, 2012
Creating truly irresistible images of food requires attention to a lot of different details. Teri Campbell, author of Food Photography & Lighting: A Commercial Photographer's Guide to Creating Irresistible Images, shares 7 secrets to creating amazing food images.
8 Tasks in Flash MX
By David J. Emberton
Jul 26, 2002
David Emberton walks you through eight common tasks in Flash MX that demonstrate some of the biggest reasons why you should upgrade to the new version.
9 Pro Tips for Getting Better Results in the Field from Your HDR Images
By Tim Cooper
Feb 18, 2014
In this excerpt from his FuelBook, The Realistic HDR Image, Tim Cooper offers some advice to assure that your HDR photos look their best.
A Beginner's Look At ActionScript
By Joey Lott, Jen deHaan, Peter deHaan
Dec 9, 2005
ActionScript 2.0 offers new features unavailable in the previous version. This chapter explains what ActionScript is, and how 2.0 allows for greater customization of behaviors and scripts for Macromedia Flash animations.
A Bricklayer's View of Information Architecture
By Christina Wodtke, Austin Govella
Feb 16, 2009
There’s too much stuff on just your Web site! Yes, it needs to be organized. But how? The authors of "Information Architecture" show you how to do it, one step at a time.
A C++ Flyweight Pattern for IT Management
By Stephen B. Morris
May 26, 2006
Mother Nature likes object-oriented development! C++ programmers often can't afford the luxury of creating a universe of objects; our platforms are intrinsically limited. However, the flyweight design pattern provides an elegant means of sharing objects, with a small price in terms of storage and retrieval. Stephen Morris describes C++ code that uses the flyweight design pattern to solve a knotty problem in networking.
A Case for Web Storytelling
By Curt Cloninger
Jan 25, 2002
In our attention to style and technology, we often overlook a vital element in Web design: narrative voice. As Curt Cloninger points out, you can have slick style and meaty content, but without a mature narrative voice, your site will fail.
A Cause for Integration: How to Play Music on Your Mac (and Your iPod)
By Scott Kelby
Sep 8, 2006
One of the coolest things about the Mac is how it handles music, especially when using your Mac with an Apple iPod MP3 player. The seamless way these two work together is just a beautiful thing to behold (and putting together and sorting your music collection is really a lot of fun. In fact, it's so much fun that compiling your library of songs can almost become a hobby of its own). In this 20-minute lesson from best-selling author Scott Kelby, you'll learn to import music into your Mac, download music from the Internet, and create a library of music. Then, you'll organize your music into playlists and import this music into an Apple iPod MP3 player.
A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with Photoshop: The Unwitting Ally 2.0
By Vincent Versace
Mar 23, 2011
In this chapter, you will go beyond exposure and apply the concepts of Extended Dynamic Range photography (ExDR) to focus, blur, and image structure by using image harvesting. You will apply this to the image editing process in order to support the aesthetic choices you make regarding light, shape, gesture, and color when you first take the picture.
A Complete(-ish) Login System Using jQuery
By Larry Ullman
Nov 23, 2011
A login system is a fundamental part of many websites. Requiring only a simple HTML form and a backend script, this feature can readily be improved using Ajax, and is easy enough to do with the jQuery framework. In this article, Larry Ullman explains how to create a complete(-ish) and fully reliable jQuery-enabled login system.
A Confederacy of Truth-Tellers: The Bright (But Challenging) Future of Small or Independent Visualization Teams
By Alberto Cairo
Aug 27, 2013
Big media is fading and, with it, the way in which society has traditionally informed itself about relevant issues. Alberto Cairo, author of The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization, discusses whether a new generation of small, creative, candid, and committed teams of visual communicators will become effective watchdogs for our future.
A Conversation with Will Luton on Free-to-Play Games
By Will Luton
Jun 24, 2013
Will Luton sits down to discuss the emergence of free-to-play games, their impact on the gaming industry, and advice for game designers who are just starting out. Also, he discusses the big misconception about free-to-play games, his favorite games, and what he thinks the future is for these kinds of experiences.
A Critical Look at Flash MX
By David Emberton
Jun 14, 2002
Venture beyond regular software reviews and get some practical advice on what Flash MX has to offer you. David Emberton cuts through the "marketese" to discover the real Flash 6.0.
A Detailed Look at Camera Raw Controls
Jun 16, 2006
Camera Raw starts working as soon as you point the file browser at a folder full of raw images, creating thumbnails and previews. In this chapter, we'll look at the Camera Raw controls in detail.
A Digital Photographer's Guide to Shooting Film: Choosing Your Film Stock
By Jonathan Canlas, Kristen Kalp
Mar 7, 2012
Jonathan Canlas shares the film stocks that trip his trigger and helps you find the ones that trip yours.

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