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Tom NegrinoKeynote for iOS: Updates That Presenters Will Love
Tom Negrino, author of Keynote for iPad: Visual QuickStart Guide, takes us on a spin through the impressive new and updated features in Keynote for iOS that deliver more power and versatility to this mobile presentation program.
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By Tom NegrinoAug 25, 2011
Transform Dull PowerPoint Presentations With Keynote
Richard Harrington and the experts at RHED Pixel show you how to bring those boring PowerPoint presentations into Keynote and turn them into animated, self-running slideshows that will keep your audiences engaged.
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By RHED Pixel, Richard HarringtonDec 28, 2007
Tom NegrinoGetting the Type Right: Tips for Working with Text in PowerPoint 2007
Author Tom Negrino explains how to work with text in PowerPoint 2007 using step-by-step instructions and plenty of screen shots.
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By Tom NegrinoNov 21, 2007
Photos & Graphics: Selecting & Preparing Images for Your PowerPoint Presentation
Richard Harrington and Scott Rekdal explain all about prepping your images for your presentation, from choosing the best file format to resizing to getting images from other sources (like digital cameras).
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By Richard Harrington, Scott RekdalMar 30, 2007

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Ben WaldieCreating a Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 Automator workflow

Today’s Office 2008 Automator workflow is a PowerPoint workflow. First, you’ll be asked to choose some photos from your Aperture, iPhoto, or Photo Booth library. Next, the workflow will create a slideshow presentation in PowerPoint. Once the presentation has been created, it will be saved to the Desktop as a QuickTime movie. You could then e-mail the slideshow movie to a friend, upload it to your Web site, import it into iTunes and convert it for your iPod or iPhone, and more.

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By Ben WaldieCommentsMay 1, 2008
Topics: Apple,Operating Systems,Microsoft PowerPoint,Productivity
Ben WaldieGetting to know Microsoft Office 2008's Automator support

Mac users are probably aware that Microsoft released a new version of Office back in January. The new Office 2008 includes loads of new features and options, including more than 90 Automator actions (which I actually developed under contract) for Entourage, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Using these actions, you can now integrate your Office applications together—as well as other applications such as iCal, iTunes, iPhoto, and Safari—to create simple automated workflows. Throughout this week, I will be discussing the Office 2008 Automator actions and giving you some examples of things that can be done with them.

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By Ben WaldieCommentsApril 28, 2008
Topics: Microsoft Word,Apple,Operating Systems,Microsoft PowerPoint,Microsoft Excel,Productivity
Clifford ColbyMacworld witnesses devolution
Rebecca Freed devolves, er, reports from the  Microsoft-sponsored Macworld Expo Devo concert.
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By Clifford ColbyCommentsJanuary 16, 2008
Topics: Microsoft Word,Microsoft PowerPoint,Microsoft Excel,Productivity

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