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The Immersive Experience
By Renee Colette Stevens
Jul 27, 2022

Immersive experiences are not as complicated as you think. Read an introduction to how 3D shapes are made, plus explore the many ways we interact with digital objects in our everyday lives.

Adding special effects in Lightroom Classic
By Scott Kelby
May 18, 2022

Scott Kelby shows you how to apply special effects to your photography using Adobe Lightroom Classic. Choose from presets, add vignettes, sun flares, and spotlights, or create a panorama or HDR with your color or black-and-white images.

Organize photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements
By Jeff Carlson
May 18, 2022

Locate, identify, and organize your photos with tools and functions in the Organizer workspace.

Manage User Home Folders in macOS Monterey
By Benjamin G. Levy, Adam Karneboge, Steve Leebove
May 16, 2022

Step-by-step tutorials on managing user home folders on Mac. From deleting users' accounts while preserving home folder contents, to migrating and restoring home folders, learn troubleshooting tips to support your Mac user.

Features and Macros in SolidWorks
By Ibrahim Zeid
Apr 7, 2022

Learn CAD/CAM basics using SolidWorks, from feature-based modeling to macros that aid in design automation. Step-by-step projects teach you how to construct a spur gear, create a compression spring, and more.

Drawing with AutoCAD: Conference and Lecture Rooms
By Beverly L. Kirkpatrick, Hossein Assadipour, James M. Kirkpatrick
Mar 31, 2022

Follow along interior design and space planning projects and start to draw conferences and lecture rooms using AutoCAD 2022. Learn essential commands and settings, draw using polar tracking, and use Point Style to set the appearance of points.

Troubleshoot Network Issues
By Arek Dreyer, Adam Karneboge
Jul 21, 2021

Learn to troubleshoot common macOS Big Sur network configuration issues using Network preferences and the command-line interface (CLI) in this sample chapter from macOS Support Essentials 11 - Apple Pro Training Series: Supporting and Troubleshooting macOS Big Sur.

Dada: In favor of irrationality
By Nigel French, Hugh D'Andrade
May 11, 2021

In this sample chapter from The Type Project Book, Nigel French and Hugh D'Andrade discuss the avant-garde art movement known as Dada. Learn how to use the Touch Type tool, experiment with scale, and apply overprinting effects to create your own Dada-inspired poster using Adobe Illustrator.

Sampling Audio in Logic Pro
By David Nahmani
Sep 18, 2020

In this sample chapter from Logic Pro X 10.5 - Apple Pro Training Series: Professional Music Production, author David Nahmani covers how to import audio files into Quick Sampler, record audio into Quick Sampler, edit sample start, end, and loop points on the waveform display, turn a sustained vocal note into a pad synthesizer sound, and more.

Basic HTML Elements
By Joe Casabona
Sep 9, 2020

In this sample chapter from HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, 9th Edition, author Joe Casabona looks at the most basic HTML elements, and how they can come together to create a well-formatted, readable, and meaningful page.

How to Assemble a Product Design/Vision A-Team
By Laura Fish, Scott Kiekbusch
Aug 2, 2020
Get the nuts and bolts of getting started and forming a team for great product vision and design team.
Persuasive Visuals
By Larry Jordan
Aug 2, 2020
Learn what goes into creating visuals that are not just “pictures” but tell stories.
The Psychology of Design
By Susan Weinschenk
Jun 25, 2020

In this sample chapter from 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People, 2nd Edition, author Susan Weinschenk teaches you the psychology of design—how to design a website, an app, software, or a medical device with the audience in mind. Persuade people to see things your way with their background, knowledge, familiarity with what they are looking at, and expectations in mind.

Use the Command-Line Interface
By Arek Dreyer, Adam Karneboge
Jan 26, 2020

In this sample chapter from macOS Support Essentials 10.15 - Apple Pro Training Series: Supporting and Troubleshooting macOS Catalina, authors Karneboge and Dreyer describe when the command-line interface is useful, use man (manual) pages to find more information about commands, and manipulate files in the command-line interface.

Print: printing, color management, and my elements 2020 workflow
By Scott Kelby
Dec 24, 2019

In this sample chapter from The Photoshop Elements 2020 Book for Digital Photographers, author Scott Kelby walks you through making color management decisions, calibrating your monitor, and getting pro-quality prints that match your screen.

Simplicity: Why It Matters
By Garr Reynolds
Dec 14, 2019

In this sample chapter from Presentation Zen, Third Edition, author Garr Reynolds talks about simplicity - in daily life, then in professional life. He discusses how designers can bring clarity, directness, subtlety, essentialness, and minimalism into their work.

Orthographic Views
By James D. Bethune
Sep 4, 2019

In this sample chapter from Engineering Design Graphics with Autodesk Inventor 2020, author James D. Bethune presents orthographic views using third-angle projection in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) first-angle projections are also presented.

AutoCAD 2020: Quick Start Tutorial
By Paul F. Richard
Aug 22, 2019
Learn the basics necessary to start a new drawing, create and modify some objects, add annotation features, and print out your work with AutoCAD 2020.
Storyboarding: Build your visual script
By Liz Blazer
Aug 13, 2019

In this sample chapter from Animated Storytelling, Second Edition, author Liz Blazer covers the basics of storyboarding first and then continues on with some important concepts you’ll need to make your storyboard complete and ready for animatics. The entire process is organic; let your storyboarding evolve gradually from simple to more complex.

By James D. Bethune
Aug 2, 2019

In this sample chapter from Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD 2020, author Bethune presents the fundamentals of freehand sketching as applied to technical situations. It includes both two-dimensional and three-dimensional sketching. Like any skill, freehand sketching is best learned by lots of practice.

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