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Geometry for Modeling and Design
By Frederick E. Giesecke, Marla Goodman, Cindy M. Johnson, Shawna Lockhart
Feb 12, 2024

Gain insights into mastering AutoCAD, covering foundational skills like geometric elements, 2D profiles, symmetry, extrusion, Boolean operations, and coordinate systems, paving the way for advanced techniques in later sections.

Previsualizing Your Idea
By Rafael Concepcion
Feb 12, 2024

Rafael Concepcion highlights previsualization and intentional planning using simple tools like Google Sheets or Excel for effective video storytelling, emphasizing scene organization and shot management for compelling narratives.

Quick Start Tutorial
By Paul F. Richard
Feb 12, 2024

Paul F. Richard provides an overview of essential AutoCAD operations, from starting a session to drawing, modifying, and saving work, setting the stage for detailed exploration in subsequent chapters.

Taking a Systems View
By Julie Dirksen
Feb 12, 2024

Julie Dirksen examines training programs' focus on symptoms rather than systemic issues, advocating for root cause analysis and system mapping to align outcomes and refine interventions.

Using Empathy as a Design Tool
By Anthony Conta
Feb 12, 2024

Anthony Conta delves into the empathize phase of design thinking, underscoring its role in understanding users and informing solutions that elevate user experiences

Bringing Photos Into Lightroom Classic
Jul 3, 2023
Composing Images on the iPad
By Rob de Winter
Jul 3, 2023

Rob de Winter guides you through creating magical photo compositions inspired by Ted Chin using Photoshop on the iPad, showcasing digital creativity with simplicity.

By Jim Bethune, Nathan Brown
Jul 3, 2023

Discover how to add and manage dimensions in SolidWorks drawings using covering key conventions, the Smart Dimension tool, and tips for accurately dimensioning holes, fillets, and complex shapes.

Enhancing PDF Documents
Jul 3, 2023
Ted Chin's Creative Process on the iPad
By Rob de Winter
Jul 3, 2023

Rob de Winter features artist Ted Chin, highlighting his use of Photoshop on the iPad for digital art and photo composition insights.

Understand Your Business Environment
By Meghan Casey
Jul 3, 2023

Meghan Casey highlights the importance of content strategy in understanding and addressing business complexities, advocating for a deep dive into business analysis for strategic alignment.

Animating with Modern Rigging
By Russell Chun
Jun 26, 2023

Russell Chun explores the power of the Asset Warp tool in Animate to create and edit rigs, animate with classic tweening, and apply various bone types for precise control.

Using the Roto Brush Tool in Adobe After Effects
By Lisa Fridsma
Jun 26, 2023

Lisa Fridsma walks you through how to effortlessly extract foreground objects, refine mattes, freeze frames, animate properties, and track faces in After Effects.

Why learning experience design matters
By Niels Floor
Jun 26, 2023

Explore how focusing on quality experiences can revolutionize learning.

Exploring Neural Filters with Adobe Photoshop
By Conrad Chavez
Jun 23, 2023

Conrad Chavez dives into the Neural Filters workspace, showing how to apply them to your images with ease, combine multiple filters, and unlock limitless creative potential in Adobe Photoshop.

Getting to Know Adobe InDesign
By Kelly Kordes Anton, Tina DeJarld
Jun 23, 2023

Kelly Kordes Anton and Tina DeJarld show you essential Adobe InDesign skills, from styling text to automating formatting.

Working with Layers in Adobe Photoshop
By Scott Kelby
Mar 24, 2023

Scott Kelby walks readers through the basics of working with layers, making it easy to add, reorder, and delete layers to create stunning images in Adobe Photoshop.

Geometry for Modeling and Design
By Frederick E. Giesecke, Marla Goodman, Cindy M. Johnson, Shawna Lockhart
Mar 5, 2023

Identify basic elements, select profiles, sketch symmetry, explore extrusion and revolution techniques, define Boolean operations, and work with CAD transformations.

Make a Logo with Shapes in Adobe Illustrator
By Brian Wood
Mar 5, 2023

Brain Wood shows you how to create captivating designs while exploring Live Shapes and simplifying intricate paths in Adobe Illustrator.

Basic Editing in Final Cut Pro
By Larry Jordan
Jan 2, 2023

Larry Jordan shows you basic techniques for editing videos using Final Cut Pro.

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