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Product Technical Support and Order Management Customer Service for Peachpit, Adobe Press, New Riders, and Voices That Matter

Welcome to the support page for Here you will find answers to common product technical support and customer service/order management questions, as well as phone and chat contact options, for help with products from the Peachpit, Adobe Press, New Riders, and Voices That Matter publishing imprints.

Peachpit is a member of the InformIT Network of sites from Pearson. Other sites in Pearson's InformIT Network include InformIT, Cisco Press, Pearson IT Certification, and the Microsoft Press Store by Pearson.

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Order Management FAQs

  • Account login help needed


    If you are having trouble accessing your account on Peachpit or any of the InformIT Network sites, please use the phone or chat options at right to contact an Order Management representative. InformIT Network sites include:

    Cisco Press
    Pearson IT Certification
    the Microsoft Press Store by Pearson

  • My order will not go through


    A variety of data and security issues may cause problems when you are trying to place an order.

    • The country of the billing and shipping addresses must match.
    • If after you enter your mailing address, the site offers a "verified address" as an option to select, and it is correct, please select it.
    • Due to fraud patterns from other orders, your order may be inadvertently caught in our fraud check tools.
    • Due to high fraud activity, accounts associated with the following email domains are permanently blocked from purchase on Pearson storefronts:

    Please make sure the email address associated with your account is a valid and unblocked domain, that the countries of your shipping and billing addresses match, and that you have selected a verified address—then try to place your order again. If the problem persists, contact our Order Management team via the phone or chat options to the right, or email for help in placing your order.

  • I can't find my country in your shopping cart


    We apologize, but at this time, we do not offer purchases into your country. There may be one or more possible reasons that we are unable to offer shipments and digital product sales to your country, including but not limited to United States embargo laws, International distribution rights, International laws, or high fraud patterns.

    Please visit for a list of international Pearson offices that may offer a purchase option for you.

  • What are your shipping rates and taxes?


    Visit the Ordering and Shipping Information page to learn about shipping options, prices, and stipulations (including APO/FPO), as well as find information on backordered products, billing, sales tax, and returns.

  • How do discount codes work?


    If you have received a discount code, you will have the option to enter it during checkout. Codes that can be used more than once are saved to your account, so you may also select a code to use during checkout.

    Discounts are applied to the list price of a product, not the already discounted price displayed on product pages.

    Discount codes have set expiration dates. Be sure you are using a current and active discount code when you place your order.

    Some products are not eligible to receive additional discounts, so your discount code may not be applied to all items in your cart. Discount codes cannot be applied to:

    • eBook Deal of the Week
    • Book + eBook "Best Value" or "Additional Savings" bundles
    • Promotional "bundles" that have fixed prices
    • Products with special discounts applied as part of a promotional offering
    • Products that are being promoted at one of our retail partner sites
    • O'Reilly Online Learning live training sessions
    • Non-discountable titles

    Only one discount code can be used per order.

  • I pre-ordered an eBook which is now published, and it has not been delivered


    Please contact our Order Management team via the phone or chat options to the right, and provide your order number. Our team will research the order and work to deliver any outstanding published products.

  • My pre-order or backorder was canceled


    When an order is placed, your payment option is not charged until the order ships. So when a pre-order or backorder is placed, your payment information is stored for a very limited time—and if the order does not ship within that time, we delete that payment information, and the order must then be canceled. This policy protects your payment information from being stored beyond a reasonable period to fulfill your order. Orders may take longer than expected to fulfill due to a variety of issues including product content changes, paper stock availability, printer schedules, transportation problems, digital file production issues, and more.

    Please place a new order once the product is published or back in stock. For help, contact our Order Management team via the phone or chat options to the right, or email

  • I want to return a product for a refund


    Electronic Goods: eBooks, digital audio, digital videos or other digital goods may not be returned for a refund. We do not offer a refund policy because it is impossible to return a digital good.

    Physical Goods: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return your book(s), unopened CDs, unopened DVDs, or unopened software, in resalable condition with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Products should be shipped prepaid via a traceable method such as UPS. To request your RMA, please email with details including your order number, the name and ISBN of the product you wish to return, and the reason for the return. Please affix the barcode that comes with the RMA to the outside of the package. Returns received without an RMA will be rejected. Customers are responsible for return shipping fees for any rejected return received without an approved RMA.

    Return merchandise to:
    Pearson Returns Facility
    5536 West 74th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46268

  • How can I find out about international sales and translations of your products?


    If you live outside the United States, and would like more information on where you can buy titles in your country or on what translations are available, please visit to find the distributor of Pearson books in your area. Contact information is listed for each distributor, who can give you more information on how to obtain English-language or translated titles.

  • All other order management questions


    For any other questions about orders not covered in the previous items, please use the phone or chat options above to contact our Order Management team.



Product/Tech Support FAQs

  • Finding instructor resources


    Some Adobe and Apple titles have instructor resources posted on, in addition to the lesson files/bonus content files that may be available on Here's how to locate the instructor resources, if any are posted.

    • Go to and enter the 13-digit ISBN of your book into the search box (it starts with 978...).
    • Make sure "I'm an educator" is selected above the product title.
    • Click the Instructor Resources tab and sign in as an instructor, to download any available resources. Note that not all titles have resources posted.
  • Finding lesson or project files


    Authors sometimes provide files for you to download, to accompany their product. These may be available from the author's own website or a community site like GitHub, or are sometimes posted for download directly. Not all titles include lesson or project files.

    Search for your product on and click on the title to go to its main catalog page. Scroll down below the purchase options and look for a Downloads or Updates tab. Click on that tab for either a direct file download link, or a link to the files on another site. (Pearson is not responsible for maintaining or updating author files posted outside our sites.)

    Some of our products—particularly those in the Classroom in a Book series from Adobe Press—require you to register your purchase to your account on our sites, in order to access bonus content associated with the product. See the "Registering a product for access to bonus content" article below, for details on the additional steps needed to access that content.

  • Registering a product for access to bonus content


    Some of our products require you to register your purchase to your account on our sites, in order to access bonus content associated with the product.

    • To access bonus content for products you have registered, look for Access Bonus Content links on the Registered Products tab of your Account.
    • Bonus content does not exist for all titles. And sometimes it takes a few weeks after a title's publication for the bonus content to be finalized, submitted, and posted. This is usually author-dependent. It is posted as soon as it is ready.
    • If you purchased a product on the Peachpit site, that product will automatically be registered to your account, and you do not need to complete any further steps. Look on the Registered Products tab of your Account page for any available Access Bonus Content links.
    • If you are registering a product you purchased elsewhere, you may be asked to answer a proof-of-purchase "challenge question" in order to verify that you own the correct product. This may ask about a word related to a numbered element in the book—for example, "What is the third word in the caption for Figure 3.1?" Be sure you identify the proper element; in this case it is Figure 3.1 and not Table 3.1 or Example 3.1. Challenge question answers are case-sensitive.
    • Only ISBNs sellable on the Peachpit site and other InformIT Network storefronts may be registered to the Peachpit site and other InformIT Network storefronts. This means that standalone EPUB eBook ISBNs sold at retail, or Kindle eBook ISBNs sold on Amazon, will not be recognized by our registration system. Purchasers of those products should look for a Where are the Companion Files? page in their eBook, which will provide instructions on exactly what ISBN to register.
  • Do your eBooks have DRM or watermarks?


    We heard from customers that you want to read eBooks and other online content that does not have DRM applied. We want to bring you our high quality content and serve it to you in the easiest, most convenient way possible. Most of our eBooks are sold with watermark technology to ensure valid usage. Read our Watermarked eBook FAQ for details.

  • Apple Mac OS Support Essentials series has ended


    We are no longer publishing new editions in this series, as Apple has taken over the production of this information on their own website since the release of macOS 12. Please visit Apple Training at for info on each IT course, as well as links to courses, exam prep guides, and exams.

  • has retired


    The Adobe Press website was retired in February 2024. But don't worry, all your favorite Adobe Press titles are still available on

    As parts of the InformIT Network, these two sites are already integrated. Your Adobe Press site login works on the Peachpit site already. Any eBooks or Web Editions that you purchased on the Adobe Press site already appear on the Digital Purchases tab of your Peachpit account page, where you may refresh your download links. Any titles you have registered on the Adobe Press site already appear on the Registered Products tab, where you will find Access Bonus Content links when applicable.

  • Web Edition FAQs


    "Web Editions" are similar to eBooks in that they are an online version of an eBook product, often (but not always) enhanced with additional elements such as video or quizzes. They are accessed from the Digital Products tab on your account page.

    "Coming Soon" notices: In order to get you your content as soon as possible, Web Editions may publish when their related eBook element is published, while some other expected elements such as video or quizzes may not yet be available. In this case, the product will contain a "coming soon" note about the forthcoming content, and the Web Edition file will be updated when that content is loaded. Please check back later for updated content, if necessary.

    Accessing a Web Edition: Web Editions are listed in your account under "Digital Products." Clicking the Launch link opens the Web Edition in a new window. Google Chrome is the most compatible browser, although most modern browsers work.

    Adobe Web Editions: Most Adobe-related Web Editions are enhanced with videos and quizzes.

    Apple Web Editions: Apple Web Editions do not have videos.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro—Relinking Asset


    Adobe Premiere uses absolute media and asset links. This makes it necessary to relink the project files to their assets. This Adobe support article will help you relink the offline media files. You may also follow relinking instructions in the latest Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a book, available from

  • Kindle eBook too large


    Some Adobe titles with large, high-resolution color graphics on every page can produce eBook files larger than what the Kindle devices can transfer. This is a limitation imposed by Amazon in their Kindle settings. Amazon has a limit of 200MB for sending to Kindle.

    Please transfer larger eBooks to your Kindle by downloading them to your computer, connecting your Kindle to your computer with a USB cord, and moving the file into the Kindle's documents folder. Find more information on Amazon's help page.

    Amazon retired the proprietery MOBI format in 2022. Learn more about the changes to sending files to Kindle at

  • All other product questions


    For any product support questions not covered in the previous items, please use the phone or chat options above to contact our Tech Support team.

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