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Free Handouts Part 1

Many speakers prefer not to use handouts; at best, they're a distraction, and at worst, they're an admission that your presentation is so ineffective the audience will need to read your notes if they're to absorb anything from it at all.

In some instances, however, presenting notes can be useful such as when you have lists of references or technical details that are not easily explained through slides. In these cases, producing handouts makes sense.

Keynote doesn't have the same tools for creating full-featured handouts like those offered by PowerPoint. At most, all you can do is print the presenter notes alongside the slides. But this doesn't mean you can't create properly formatted handouts. By combining "skipped" slides with the 2-up printing option, you can make perfectly serviceable handouts in no time at all.

To start, duplicate the Title & Bullets master slide, double-click on the duplicate's name, and then rename it "Handout" or something similar. Clear away any background colors or logos so that the text appears on a plain white background. Edit the title and bullet point text items to suit your needs. Since these aren't going to be projected onto a screen, but printed onto paper, you can use smaller typefaces than you would on regular slides. If you want, place a plain rectangular border on the slide to frame the text. Choose Save Theme from the File menu to save this new theme with its built-in Handout slide.

Figure 3

Figure 3: Create a theme for handouts.

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