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Round 3: Create Reflections in InDesign

I remember when type on a curved path was a big deal and all the rage. And if brown is the new black, then reflections are the new drop shadow. Reflections in InDesign are coolio. So let's choose an image that fits the totally, dude. While we're at it, let's up the ante and use an Illustrator document.

First, choose your artwork and place it. I have chosen the wonderful artwork from the very popular Creative Sweet TV Podcast. Next, you need to duplicate this artwork, and the best way to do this is to Copy and use Paste In Place as outlined in Round 2. Now for the flip. Select the image with the Selection tool, and hold down the Command key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows). (Don't hold the Shift key, too, though; we need to scale this copy disproportionately.) Click on the top-middle handle of the image frame, and drag down until the image inverts. Make sure that the flipped version is about half the height of the original.

From this point on, it's all up to the Effects panel. Select the flipped version of your image; then select the Effects pop-down symbol from the bottom of the Effects panel. Choose Gradient Feather (Figure 4). This will allow you to fade your image off to transparent. This technique used to be the sole domain of Photoshop, but not anymore.

From the many selection options in the left-hand section of the Effects dialog, choose Gradient Feather. In the Options on the right, select Linear for the Type. You'll also need to click and drag the Angle circle around to 90 degrees.

To finish the reflection, let's drop the opacity down a fraction. Select the Transparency section on the left side of the Effects dialog. In this case (Figure 5), we have dropped the opacity down to 63%—obviously the perfect amount. YES!

Figure 4

Figure 4 Using the Effects panel, a reflection has been created on some placed Illustrator artwork.

Figure 5

Figure 5 Use the Gradient Feather effect to create your reflection.

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