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5. Use the Frame Tool to Draw Place Holder Frames for Your Images.

Now you can choose the layout for your master page. Using the Rectangle frame tool (the one with the cross in the middle), click and drag your frames. When you get close to the guides created in Step 4, the frame will snap to them. You have to be in the range of around 4 pixels.

In this layout, let’s place three frames. Once you have your frames, you can color them or give them border effects, and so on, but there is one other really handy setting that will make life seem like a pleasant dream.

With your frame selected go to the Object Menu > Fitting > Frame Fitting Options (see Figure 5). The Frame Fitting Options enable you to tell the frame how images should fit into it—automatically. You can select from three options for Fitting on Empty Frames. Realistically, you’ll want to choose from only two of them (the two "Proportionally" options). They will scale your images, but not distort them. Fill Frame Proportionately may crop your image.

Figure 5

Figure 5 Set up your frames to resize your images appropriately to fit.

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