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10 Minutes with Flash: Bitmap Video Effects

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In the first of a bi-weekly series of articles called "10 Minutes with Flash," Robert Hoekman, Jr. demonstrates how to make reality pretty again with faux video effects using simple bitmaps.
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Sometimes reality just doesn't look as cool as you'd like, and as a designer you may find yourself wanting to play around with it. In this article, the first in a series called "10 Minutes with Flash," I'll walk you the creation of a faux video effect using a bitmap, animation, and the Trace Bitmap feature. This little trick is a great way to avoid buying a digital video camera and is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Don't worry—you don't have to know a single thing about digital video to pull this off. All you need is one good photograph and a version of Flash released in this century.

Distorting Reality

I only have 10 minutes, so let's get going! Check out Figure 1 to see what you'll be doing.

Figure 1Figure 1 The animation sequence from start to finish.

As you can see, the animation starts out looking like an illustration, turns into a photographic image, and then turns back—resulting in a looped effect. This not only gives the illusion of video, but it demonstrates how you can use plain ol' bitmaps to create illustrations you don't have to draw yourself (good for those of us that are "drawing-challenged").

Download the image you need for this project here:

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