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Inside the iPhone Part 2: How to Get the Most Out of Your Phone, iPod, and Email Features

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If you have an iPhone, you could be doing more with it than you realize. Ryan Faas tells you how to get the most out of the iPhone’s phone, iPod, and email features.
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Like this article? We recommend

Once you start using the iPhone, it's easy to see that it's a revolutionary device. The interface is at once futuristic and intuitive—two words not always associated with each other. Syncing music and contacts is simple and straightforward and so is using the phone, iPod, and email features. But there are several ways to make using those features even better.

Get the Most Out of Your Contacts

In life, contacts are everything and the same is true for your iPhone. Contacts can be used for making calls, text messaging, and sending emails. You can launch each of these functions from the contacts screen inside the Phone application or by simply starting to type someone's name in the Text or Mail applications. To make the most out of contacts, you'll want to make sure your contact information is as complete as possible. Ensure you have full contact information—phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and so on.

Also, think about other available contact fields. Having a photo, for example, allows you to see a picture of the person when he or she calls. If you're syncing to a Mac OS X computer, and you have birthdays entered into your contact database, you can set iCal to alert you to someone's birthday on both your computer and your iPhone.

You can also store all kinds of helpful information such as assistants, spouses, family members, friends, and instant messenger information for contacts. This turns your iPhone into a virtual Rolodex for both personal and professional uses.

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