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Landing Page Goals

The goal of a landing page is to move the visitor to take the primary desired action. The selection of that action, whether it’s a purchase, a newsletter subscription, or a brochure download, is a business decision driven by an online business strategy. For instance, if the business goal for a web site is lead generation, the landing page goal will be to motivate visitors to make contact or share their contact data. If the business goal is sales, the landing page goal will be to move the visitor forward in the sales cycle.

Since defining the right online strategy to achieve a business goal is a complex task beyond the scope of this book, we’re going to assume you already know what you want your landing pages to accomplish. However, here are a few examples of specific landing page conversion goals and how they might map to a business goal:

Business Goal

Landing Page Goal

Desired Visitor Action

Lead generation

Collect contact information from potential customers qualified by showing interest in a white paper topic

Visitor registers for a free white paper

Lead generation

Collect e-mail addresses to use as a marketing outreach for new products

Visitor requests free Tips Sheet via e-mail


Sell a product

Visitor clicks the Add to Cart button

Viral marketing

Spread the word about your organization, site, products, or services

Visitor sends link to a friend


Entertain visitors who in turn encourage more visitors, enabling higher sales of on-site advertising and eventual sale of company to Google

Visitor views a funny video

It’s important to keep business goals firmly in mind while designing landing pages and thinking through the conversion process. If you have a clear vision of the desired result, the difficult design decisions and tradeoffs needed to achieve it are easier to make.

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