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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Cleaning Up a Chart

Imported charts may need a little cleanup. The process is simple. Let’s start with the chart on the second slide, which needs an update to its data and some improvements to its legibility.

Updating Data

  1. In the slide navigator, select slide 2.
  2. On the canvas, select the chart.
  3. Select the Chart Inspector and click the Edit Data button.

    The Chart Data Editor opens. Information is partially cut off, so you’ll expand the window to see it.

  4. Grab the corner of the Chart Data Editor and drag down and to the right to enlarge it.

    We can now add additional financial data.

  5. Click the Add Row button eight times to add two years of additional financial data.
  6. Drag the vertical scroll bar so you see the last row of empty data.
  7. Enter the following data for the Australia and ASI Global columns:
  8. Close the Chart Data Editor.

Formatting Labels and Legends

We now need to improve the labels on the chart to make them easier to read.

  1. In the Chart Inspector, enter the following values into the Value Axis Format fields to give the Y-axis of the chart a more easily understood range of values:
  2. From the Labels, Ticks, & Grids area of the Chart Inspector, click the X-Axis menu, and choose Diagonal Labels.

    This reorients the labels and makes them easier to read in a small space.

    The text in the axis is still too large and overlaps itself.

  3. Single-click the text block in the X-axis to select it.
  4. In the Format Bar, change the font size to 12 points.
  5. Click the legend near the top of the slide and drag it so it is centered on the slide canvas.

    Yellow alignment guides will pop up when the text is centered.

Now that the text on the slide is clearer, you can enhance the data presentation.

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