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Tabs and Indents

The tab and indent markers in TextEdit function as in any word processor. Drag tab markers from the Tab box to the ruler; drag them off the ruler to remove them. Drag the indent markers shown below to indent either just the first line of text or both the left and right edges.

Examples of tab and indent settings

Below are some examples of how to set up your tabs and indents to create certain effects. Remember, for a tab, first set the marker, then hit the Tab key before you type the text. Once you’ve got tabs set up, you can move the tab and the text will follow; just make sure you select the text before you move the tab!

Follow the directions as explained in each window below to achieve the look you see in the window. The tab applies only to the selected paragraphs. Because of the way paragraphs work on the Mac, you need only click inside a paragraph to select the whole thing. To select more than one paragraph, press and drag to highlight several characters in each paragraph.

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