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Create Tables

You can create simple tables in TextEdit. This table feature also helps ensure that tables created in a Word document will open in some form in TextEdit.

To create a table in TextEdit:

  1. Position your insertion point where you want the table to begin.
  2. Go to the Format menu, slide down to “Text,” then choose “Table....”
  3. The Table palette appears, as shown below. Choose how many rows and columns you want in the table. You can determine how the text is aligned vertically as well as horizontally in each cell (use the “Alignment” icons), and more. Spend a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the tools.

    As you type in a cell, the cell expands downward to fit the text.

    Change the formatting of the text as you do on a regular TextEdit page: select the text first, then choose formatting from the menus or palettes.

  4. To resize rows and columns, position your pointer over the edge of a cell. The pointer turns into a two-headed arrow. With that two-headed arrow, press-and-drag on a cell edge to resize it.
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