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Selecting Items in the Project Panel

You can select items in the Project panel in much the same way as you select files in the operating system.

To select items in the Project panel:

  1. If necessary, open the bin that contains the clips you want to view.
  2. To select a clip or clips, do one of the following:
    • Click an item.
    • Shift-click a range of items.
    • Cmd/Ctrl-click several noncontiguous items.
    • Drag a marquee around two or more items (Figure 4.17).
      Figure 4.17

      Figure 4.17 Select items by clicking, or select a range of items by dragging a marquee (shown here).

    • Choose Edit > Select All to select all items.
    • Choose Edit > Deselect All to deselect all items.
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