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Implied Keywords and Keyword Sets

The Keywording panel lists keywords that have been applied explicitly to images in the Keyword Tags section. Some of the keywords that you enter will already have implicit keywords associated with them. So if I apply the keyword Bygdøy peninsula, it automatically includes the implicit keywords Places, Europe, and so on, which appear in the Implied Keywords section (see Figure 13). To display all the export keywords, select that option (see Figure 14).

Figure 13

Figure 13 The additional keyword list at the bottom of the Keywording panel can be used to display the implied keywords.

Figure 14

Figure 14 The additional keyword list can display all export keywords.

The Keywording panel also can be used to contain sets of keywords. In the example shown earlier in Figure 13, the Set section displays Recent Keywords. By having keyword items listed in a set, you gain a quick method of adding commonly used keywords to images in the content area. Select an image or a group of images and click a keyword to apply it to the selection. Alternatively, you can create and edit custom keyword sets, as shown in Figures 15 and 16. Hold down the Alt key to preview the keyboard shortcuts. Use the Alt key plus a number to assign a keyword quickly (see Figure 17).

Figure 15

Figure 15 In the Set section of the Keywording panel, choose Custom Keyword Set and then click the Edit button to open the Edit Keyword Set dialog box. You can add existing keywords (or create new ones) that you want for quick access when keywording a particular project. In this case, I created a keyword set that I would use when editing Jeff Schewe’s Antarctic trip photographs.

Figure 16

Figure 16 The Keywording panel shown here displays the custom keyword set created in Figure 15.

Figure 17

Figure 17 After you create a new custom keyword set, click Metadata > Keyword Set to see the shortcuts for applying keywords. (These shortcuts are toggled.)

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