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Safeguarding Your iPod with Screen Lock

Screen Lock enables you to lock your iPod’s screen (using password protection), so if it were to fall into the hands of some scurrilous ne’er-do-well (a thief, or worse—your little brother), the screen would be locked, rendering it pretty much useless. To turn this feature on, start at the main menu, then go under the Extras menu, where you’ll find Screen Lock. Select Screen Lock, and first you’ll want to set your combination (numeric password). Selecting Screen Lock brings up a screen where you use the Click Wheel to choose the numbers you want as your passcode (you press the Select button to confirm your first number, and it automatically highlights the next number field over, but you can also move from field to field using the Previous/Rewind and Next/Fast-Forward buttons). Once you finish entering all four digits of your passcode, you’ll be asked to confirm those numbers (yup—you have to enter all four digits again), and if you confirm all four numbers correctly, a little bar appears where you get to choose whether to Lock your iPod or Reset the passcode (which turns the locking off). If you choose Lock, it shows a large lock icon onscreen. To unlock your screen, press the center Select button and enter your passcode.

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