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A Playlist Just on Your iPod but Not in iTunes

If there’s a playlist that you want to appear just on your iPod (maybe it’s a playlist you use when jogging, and you never play it in iTunes while sitting at your desk eating a Snickers), you can have this playlist appear only on your iPod. Just connect your iPod to your computer, then turn on the manual update feature (covered earlier in this chapter). Now click on your iPod in the Source list on the left side of the iTunes window and click on the gray triangle to its left to show a list of the playlists already on the iPod. Now click on the Create a Playlist button in the bottom left-hand corner of the iTunes window, and a new empty playlist will appear within the list, with the name field already highlighted (so type in a name, then hit the Return [PC: Enter] key on your keyboard to lock it in). Now drag-and-drop songs directly into this “iPod Only!” playlist, knowing that this playlist will appear only on your iPod and won’t be adding useless clutter to your regular list of playlists (being the neat freak that you are).

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