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Shoot Fast When Shooting Landscape Panos

If there are any clouds in your scene when you’re shooting your pano, then you’ll want to shoot fairly quickly (with only a second or two between shots), because the clouds may be moving, and if you let them move too much (by taking too long between shots), they won’t line up exactly, and then you’ll have to spend a bunch of time retouching and cloning them to make it look right. Basically, if you’re shooting a seven-photo pano, it should take you only around 10 to 12 seconds to shoot it. It should go like this: shoot, move to the right, shoot, move to the right, shoot, etc. As soon as your camera gets in place for the next frame—shoot. It sounds hard on paper, but it’s simple to do in person, and because it takes so little time, you’ll wind up shooting more panos, which is a good thing.

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