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Managing Network User Accounts

Once you have created shared LDAP directories, you need to populate them with information. User account information is probably the most important type of information you can store in a directory. User accounts that are stored in a shared directory are accessible to all the computers that search that directory; those accounts are referred to as network user accounts.

To create user accounts, use Workgroup Manager. If you click the small Globe icon on the upper left of the Accounts pane below the Admin button in the toolbar, you can choose a directory from a pop-up menu. This enables you to create user accounts in different directories. Use the Basic pane to create an account, and then use the other panes to set the account’s attributes, such as login shell.

You can use Workgroup Manager to configure both local and network user accounts. Workgroup Manager is essentially a directory-services editing tool.

Use the following steps to verify the configuration and verify that Workgroup Manager can see both databases.

  1. Open Workgroup Manager on your Mac OS X computer and connect to your server computer using the following settings:
    • Address:
    • User Name: ladmin
    • Password: the password you chose when setting up your server

    You should see the LDAP directory, but it won’t be authenticated.

  2. If you don’t see the LDAP directory, click the small Globe icon at the left, beneath the toolbar, to display the Directory Node pop-up menu, and choose Other.
  3. In the “Select a directory” sheet that opens, select LDAPv3, select, and click OK.
  4. Click the Lock icon on the right under the toolbar and authenticate as diradmin.
  5. In the left pane of the Workgroup Manager window, click the Users button, then click the New User button in the toolbar.
  6. Enter the following values:
    • Name: John Soward
    • Short Names: john
    • Password: johnsoward
  7. Click Save.

    You have just created a user account in your shared directory domain. John Soward is now listed in the left pane. The only other user currently in the shared LDAP directory is Directory Administrator.

  8. Create five more users and give them long names, short names, and passwords.
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