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Step 4b: Add the Code to a WordPress Blog Post

Although the preceding code should work in all Web documents, I can’t get it to work in WordPress, which is my blogging platform of choice. Fortunately, there’s a plugin for WordPress that makes it extremely easy to insert QuickTime movies with poster frame movies. It’s called QuickTime Embed and you can find it on the Channel-Ai Community Blog (

Once the plugin has been installed and activated—Miraz Jordan and I explain how to install and activate plugins in our book, WordPress 2: Visual QuickStart Guide—you can embed your QuickTime movie and its poster frame movie in a WordPress blog post by entering the following code:

[qt:movieurl movieposterurl width height]

As with the code above, replace movieurl and movieposterurl with the complete URLs to your movie and its poster movie. Replace width and height with the width and height of the poster movie, in pixels. The QuickTime Embed plugin does the rest, creating XHTML–compliant code that works on all computer platforms with all browsers that support QuickTime content.

When you’re finished inserting the code in your post, don’t forget to publish it to your site.

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