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Lightroom Tips & Tricks: It's All About the View

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Photographers look at the world from a different perspective: the eye of the camera. Try these techniques from Chris Orwig for improving, speeding up, and applying favorite views to your photos in Lightroom.
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There’s something fun about reaching your hand into a grab bag and pulling out a prize. And how does that relate to Lightroom? Well, I like to think of these tips as a grab bag full of goodies. Reach in, pick one out, and enjoy!

Quick-Launch Slideshow

Lightroom is all about the photographer’s workflow, yet when I’m editing and processing images, I can easily get caught up in the work and forget about the flow. It’s in these moments that it’s essential to take a break from working on my images; otherwise, there’s a risk of neglecting to enjoy the photos!

Here’s what I do on a regular basis to keep my passion and appreciation alive:

  1. Command-click (PC: Ctrl-click) to select a handful of my favorite images from the current set.
  2. Command-Return (PC: Ctrl-Enter) to launch the slideshow (called an impromptu slideshow) with the most recent slideshow settings.
  3. Let go of the mouse, stand up, and enjoy the show. This gives me a fresh perspective (see Figure 1).

Don’t we learn all the time from making photographs that sometimes the best images result from a subtle change of view? Although this slideshow tip is small, it continually helps me to change my perspective and thus become a better photographer.

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