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Step 2: Scale Images Using the Effects Control Panel

In a lot of cases, the above will fix your images without any additional tweaking. However, if your timeline is set to Widescreen (16:9) and your digital images were taken in 4:3, an unwanted black border may appear on the left and right sides of the screen (see Figure 4).

You can fix this problem using the Effects Control panel.

To adjust an image using the Effects controls, do the following:

  1. If it’s not already displayed, click Window > Effects Control or press Shift+5 to display the Effects Control panel (see Figure 5).
  2. Place the timeline cursor over the image you want to work with so that it is displayed in the Program window.
  3. Click once on that image to select it. The image’s name will appear to the right of the Effects Control panel. Open the Motion controls by clicking on the grey triangle next to the word Motion (see Figure 6).
  4. Place the mouse cursor over the figure next to the Size parameter so that the cursor changes into a double-headed arrow (see Figure 7).
  5. Drag to the left to decrease the size of the image in the Program window (see Figure 8).
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