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Stick with Your Subjects

  • “Stick with your subjects. Especially Athletes.”

I was assigned to shoot Tracy McGrady, with the Orlando Magic, for a cover of a kids’ sports magazine. We had it all set up for a simulated action shot on a seamless. I was working for a very enthusiastic, very young picture editor. I loaded a back and turned around. Tracy was gone.

“What’s up?” I asked the picture editor.

“Oh, he’s just going into the locker room. He said he’d come right back and then we could go to his house!” he said excitedly.

I looked at the ground, shaking my head. “He ain’t comin’ back.”

“No, really, he said we could come to his house, he’ll be back....”

Both of us stared in the direction of the locker room where our star disappeared. I only had a few frames and I knew Tracy was already halfway to his house in a gated community outside Orlando. Gone. Shoot was over. Cover never ran.

Young athletes. Stick with ‘em. Always remember they’d rather be playing Halo.

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