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Pray for Bad Weather

  • “Pray for bad weather. It makes for GOOD pictures.”

When my students go out and see a cloudy day and sigh, I tell them, “I love this weather.” When there’s clouds, there’s soft light, and that means there’s texture and shape in the sky—not just a bald blue. This lack of light gives you enormous control, if you’re using flash.

On a bright, cloudless day, it’s close to impossible to overpower the sun. Put a rack of clouds up there and you’ve got an instant softbox in the sky, and then by introducing your own light, you can easily use the cloud light as either a main or a fill light.

Things like raindrops on windows are a wonderful thing to shoot—and there’s never been a better time to shoot on a rainy day, thanks to new camera technology (as some bodies are now sealed against moisture) and a whole range of camera rain covers from companies like Kata.

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