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Step 6

The third method also starts with clicking the Crop Overlay button, but then you move the cursor outside the cropping border—out into the gray area that surrounds the photo. When the cursor turns into a two-headed curved arrow, click-and-drag straight up to rotate the photo counterclockwise or straight down to rotate clockwise (see Figure 6). The Straighten slider moves as you drag. When you’re done straightening, click the Crop Overlay button again to go back to the regular preview.

Here’s my problem with this method (same as my problem with the slider method): You’re "eyeballing" it. Sometimes you have no choice but to work by eye, and in those cases method two or three will work, but I always try using the Straighten tool first.

So much for straightening, now on to cropping. A couple of cropping methods are available; we’ll look at both.

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