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Search the iTunes Libraries

The Search field enables you to quickly find songs from an iTunes Library, an iTunes playlist, or a mounted CD.

To search:

  • In the Search field (circled below), type a word or phrase that’s part of the item name, artist name, album name, or composer name.

    You don’t need to hit Return—a list will appear instantly in the Detail window that includes only songs that contain your search terms. As you type each letter, the list updates to show the matching results.

    For instance, in this example we search for a song by Joan Armatrading called “Merchant of Love.” As we type the word, “merchant,” into the Search field, the results list instantly shows dozens of songs that have “m” in either the song title, artist name, or album name. After we continue to type letters, the list changes to show the only songs that contain “merch.” If we continue to type the entire song name, the results list is reduced to only the song that contains that title.

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