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Share Music Over a Local Network

If you have two or more computers on a local network, users can share their music collections without copying any songs from one computer to another. iTunes can stream music files over a local area network (LAN) to a computer that has set iTunes Preferences to look for shared music.

Set one (or more) of your computers to share its iTunes Libraries or selected playlists:

  1. From the iTunes menu, select “Preferences...,” then click the “Sharing” button.
  2. Select “Look for shared libraries” to make iTunes place an icon in the Source list for any shared playlists it finds on the local network.
  3. Select “Share my library on my local network” to make your iTunes music collection available on the local network to other computers that have been set to look for shared music (as in Step 2).

    If you select “Share my library on my local network,” you must choose whether to “Share entire library” or “Share selected playlists.” If you choose the latter, select the playlists you want to share.

  4. To restrict access to your music, select “Require password” and type a password in the text field.
  5. Click OK.
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